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Cub Scout Pack Custom Patches

A patch earned in your Cub Scout Pack will be Treasured for a lifetime.
Build your Cub Scout’s Memory of Accomplishment!
  boy scout troop custom t-patch ordering is easy • low prices • free shipping

Looking for something easy to give to every Cub in your Pack? We make it easy for you to order custom pack patches that they will go crazy over!

Hand every Cub Scout a memorable patch and watch the smiles appear!

ClassB patches are always top notch! – that means including 100% embroidery, up to 9 thread colors, and choice of enhancements like button loops and border type!

Button Loops are a FREE option. Button loops are great way for the scout to immediately show off the patch and there is no sewing required.

Quality Patches

ClassB understands what makes a memorable patch! We start with 100% embroidery. Choosing the colors to balance the design. Knowing when to use the different stitch types. Structure the elements in a way to invite the viewer into a scene. Add in some gradients to give depth. You have a patch that will ‘ooh and ahh’ your scouts!

Small Text

Tiny text is easy for us, the ‘Pinewood Derby’ Line is only .17″ (1/6″) tall! The ‘Cub Scouts’ is only .12″ (1/8″) tall

Cub scout pack patch customized with small text

Small Logos

The Cub Scout logo is only 5/8″ per side and it looks great! You can clearly see all the parts and read the tiny >1/8″ text!

Cub scout logo sewn small on custom ClassB patch

Laser Borders

Intricate Laser borders are no problem. We can do just about anything. Donut holes can sometimes cost extra, but we can do them!

boy scout troop greenhorn campout patch with laser cut border

See All Cub Scout Pack Patch Designs

Popular Patch Design Idea Categories

All Patch Categories Fundraisers Blue & Gold Pinewood derby Pirate Fishing

low prices on Cub Scout Pack patches. Choose From 100 Stock cub scout patch Design Ideas

Custom Cub Scout Patch Pricing

We suggest 3.5″ patches for most designs because it allows the details to really shine. We can make 90% of designs work as a 3″ patch to reduce the cost. Patches are very affordable and we include many options that other vendors charge for!

Price Calculator

How many patches?

Width? Height?

Number of thread colors?

100 3" patches (3" by 3") embroidered with 9 thread colors and with plastic backing will cost $229.00


$2.29 each

FREE Ground Shipping

Metallic/neon threads are additional and quoted separately. Quote does not include Florida state sales tax which is additional, varies by county, and applies to any order shipped to Florida.

Patch Pricing – Free Shipping

Qty. 50+ 75+ 100+ 200+ 300+ 500+ 1000+ 2000+
3" Patch $4.27 2.94 2.29 1.72 1.55 1.40 1.31 1.24
3.5" Patch $5.27 3.53 2.78 2.01 1.62 1.51 1.38 1.31
4" Patch $5.78 3.95 3.04 2.32 2.02 1.82 1.62 1.51
4.5" Patch $8.19 5.55 4.24 3.09 2.50 2.24 2.11 1.86
5" Patch $8.87 5.99 4.95 4.18 3.59 2.99 2.42 2.39
5.5" Patch $10.25 6.90 5.70 4.83 4.15 3.46 2.79 2.77

Size is calculated as (height + width) ÷ 2, rounded up to the next price break. For example, a 3.25″ by 4″ uses the 4″ patch price. Minimum order just 50 patches.

Patch Upgrades

Button Loops
+20¢ each patch Free!
Laser Cut Edges
+10¢ each patch Free!
Heavy Plastic Backer
+10¢ each patch Free!
9 Thread Colors
+15¢ each patch Free!
Extra Thread Colors
+15¢ each color, each patch (10-15 Thread Colors)
Metallic/Neon Thread
+25% for light coverage or highlights Each order individually quoted based on coverage.

Questions or Ready to Order?

Call today to speak to a patch expert!

Call 1-800-851-4020 Today!

Download a patch order worksheet
PDF format

How much more would you pay for good design? The good news is we don’t charge a single penny extra for revisions to your artwork. You also won’t be forced to consult multiple spreadsheets or call a salesperson to find out the price. You can get a price quote right now on this page.

We know every penny matters so we give away all the patch features that other companies nickel and dime you for like 100% coverage, fully merrowed edge, and plastic backing for sturdiness. And we don’t skimp with colors either! Your patches will be embroidered in as many as nine beautiful colors at no extra charge.Our Art Team can do the Art ahead of the order!-Learn More!

You’ll find out how easy it can be to order patches and if you’ve ever ordered from someone else before, it will be a pretty refreshing experience. Check out samples of our work so you can see how great your patches will look!


Production Schedule

Orders placed this week will arrive the week of August 19th, 2024Most orders placed this week will arrive
the week of August 19th, 2024

Turnaround is only 4-5 weeks to your door! Artwork approval times are also included, but can delay arrival. Rush options are available! If you want extra time to work with your artist, order a few days earlier.

Patch Sewing and Placement

Most patches are sewn by hand. For a 3″ patch, 10 stitches will work. If you want the patch to never come off, a stick every 1/4″ is the best. If you don’t want to sew your patches, we suggest Badge Magic. An iron and scissors are all you need.

Patch Sustainability Efforts

100% recycled patches 100% recycled patch backer
ClassB is switching to 100% recycled PE plastic for the backer on embroidered BSA patches! We will use the current stock up and should be fully transitioned to the recycled plastic by the end of 2021. We are very proud of the increased sustainability of our scout patches. It was very difficult to get the chemistry right for the ink to be stable on the plastic during the heat process. The first rolls of backer are OK (see picture). Print quality is getting better with every roll.
BSA patches have an option to use 2 stickers in place of the plastic backer. We can do this but the stickers just don’t hold up with the variation of humidity and temperature. Many will come off and generate litter and the total waste stream is increased.
Patches that are not BSA licensed can skip the backer all together for even more sustainability.

Money Back Guarantee

100% satisfaction money back guarantee starburst logo

If you aren’t 100% satisfied, simply return your patch order for a full refund. We even pay the cost of return shipping and your refund is processed within 3 business days Click for details & restrictions

Custom cub scout pack popcorn patch

Simple Online Proofing

You always approve artwork!

You always approve the patch artwork before we produce your order! Your artwork is posted to a web page for you to view and approve. You’ll be able to share that web page with members of your unit or committee.

digital proof for camporee patch digital proof for camporee patch rangers

Option to approve a pre-production sample!

You also have the option to approve a pre-production sample of your patch for NO EXTRA CHARGE! Please note, choosing to approve a pre-production proof can add one to two (1-2) weeks to your turnaround time.

sewn camporee patch for proofing sewn camporee patch for proofing ranger

We can customize any of our stock designs with your Pack and event information. Custom designs take about 5-6 weeks.
cub scout custom blue and gold event patch
See a BSA logo where you prefer a Cub Scout Logo, no problem! Stock designs are fully customizable! Our Stock designs are only a starting point. Challenge us! Make the Patch yours!

Derby and Regatta Patches

Many Packs get custom patches for events like Pinewood Derby, Space Derby and Raingutter Regatta.

See All Pinewood Derby Designs See All Space Derby DesignsSee All Raingutter Regatta Designs

Cub scout pinewood derby flaming tire custom event patch Pinewood derby racing wheel custom cub scout event patch cub scout pack space derby rocket event patch Cub scout pinewood derby crossed race flags custom patch

Cub Pack Unit Numerals

Looking for a single unit numeral patch for your cub’s uniform? We can help. We have Custom Unit Numerals anywhere from two to four numbers.

See All Unit Numerals

A Trip they will Remember

Taking a special trip or campout? That event is probably the best, if not the first, campout or trip your cub scouts have taken. Make it special with a custom patch themed to the event and destination. Don’t see your destination listed, we can do a totally custom patch at no extra charge!

See All Cub Scout Pack Patch Designs

custom cub scout pack springaplooza event patch Howling wolf moon patch for cub scout campouts cub scout pack halloween campout custom embroidered patch polar bear camper patch for cub scouts

Recognize A Scout’s Effort

Patches that recognize the extra efforts a scout puts into fundraising are also popular, such as candle, popcorn, wreath, and trail mix sales. This may be the first time a boy has ever raised money, make that effort special.

See All Fundraising Patch Stock Designs

fluer-de-lis shape custom cub scout popcorn sale patch Custom cub scout candle sales patch Overflowing popcorn tub popcorn sales patch for cub scouts Cub scout holiday evergreen wreath sales patch

Celebrate Achievement

Blue and Gold extravaganzas are the highlight of the year. Hand every scout a custom pack patch to celebrate the accomplishments of the pack and the scouts!

See All Cub Scout Pack Patch Designs

Patriotic cub scout pack anniversary eagle patch perfect attendance custom cub scout pack patch Tribal wolf cub scout pack anniversary patch Blue and gold cub scout event patch

Custom Patches

Custom Patch Ordering Details

Looking for fully custom patches? We will create a design from your art or even just an idea you have and transform it into an amazing custom pack patch. There is no extra charge either! Fully custom patches may add a week or two to turnaround. Cub scout reverent cross custom embroidered patch Cub scout high adventure team patch
Have a design contest and we can make that cub scout artist’s patch a reality. We can be inspired by the design or make it as close to the original sketch. cub scout hand drawn custom event patch custom cub scout pack hiking trail map patch

Patch Shape Templates

You won’t need to try to draw a fleur-de-lis after you download our standard patch shape templates. The first definitive scout patch shape template e-book. Great for patch contests or for sketching your own ideas. All patch orders are automatically shaped to fit these standard shape templates.

custom embroidered patch shape templates

Shapes include: Council Strip, Lodge Flap, NOAC Pocket Patch, Circle, Oval Tall, Oval Wide, Fleur-de-lis, Patrol Patch, Arrowhead, Cabin Tent, Waving Flag, Food Can, Hiking Boot, Tall Shield, Diamonds in 3 sizes

Download now

Thread Colors

The color swatches shown on our web site represent our best effort to show you what color your order is going to be when you receive it. We wish we could make every computer monitor display colors accurately, but the technology just isn’t quite there yet. Until then, we are thread color experts so you can always rely on us to help pick out the best matches for your artwork.

Please note that metallic and neon threads cost more. If you want to add one of these attention grabbing colors to your order, we’re going to individually quote the pricing for that color based on coverage in your particular design. Just give us a call and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you have.

  • 102
  • 104
  • 106
  • 111
  • 125
  • 128
  • 132
  • 134
  • 169
  • 172
  • 173
  • 174
  • 175
  • 182
  • 186
  • 192
  • 194
  • 196
  • 200
  • 206
  • 212
  • 216
  • 218
  • 220
  • 222
  • 228
  • 229
  • 231
  • 232
  • 233
  • 236
  • 238
  • 244
  • 245
  • 246
  • 247
  • 251
  • 253
  • 255
  • 257
  • 262
  • 264
  • 265
  • 273
  • 275
  • 277
  • 289
  • 312
  • 316
  • 334
  • 335
  • 358
  • 362
  • 363
  • 364
  • 365
  • 366
  • 367
  • 371
  • 372
  • 391
  • 392
  • 393
  • 483
  • 484
  • 485
  • 486
  • 487
  • 488
  • 501
  • 503
  • 512
  • 514
  • 516
  • 520
  • 521
  • 522
  • 523
  • 524
  • 525
  • 540
  • 541
  • 542
  • 543
  • 544
  • 546
  • 562
  • 563
  • 564
  • 672
  • 674
  • 676
  • 700
  • 701
  • 712
  • 714
  • 721
  • 723
  • 733
  • 734
  • 735
  • 736
  • 737
  • 738
  • 739
  • 743
  • 745
  • 752
  • 755
  • 765
  • 767
  • 769
  • 783
  • 784
  • 785
  • 786
  • 800
  • 801
  • 802
  • 803
  • 811
  • 813
  • 850
  • 900
  • 901
  • 902

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ClassB has been making patches for over 30 years! Just another reason we are the best choice to make Your Cub Scout Pack’s custom patches!

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