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Cub Scout Pack Retail Products

Cub Scout Retail Products
In-Stock Items for Packs, Scouters and Cub Scouts


See All Cub Scout Coins

Leadership Position Coins

A special thanks for the time and effort put in by the leaders of your pack.

Cub scout leadership coin engraved with cubmaster and cub scout logo

Cub Scout Rank Coins

Recognize the achievement of your Cub Scout.

Wolf emblem cub scout pack rank coin

Cub Scout Promise Coins

Your cub scout will carry the motto with them every day and remember the promise they made for the rest of their lives.

do your best cub scout pack promise coin

Pinewood Derby Race Products

We have a lot of different items to help your pinewood derby car reach it’s maximum potential. We offer tools, decals, and multiple kits to help make your pinewood derby car the fastest and flashiest. Our pinewood derby books will also help your derby car reach its maximum potential. Try our pinewood derby racer patches if you’re looking for a long lasting way to reward your cubs for their effort in the pinewood derby.

Pinewood Derby Books

ultimate design and patterns cub scout pack pinewood derby book

Pinewood Derby Books

Pinewood Derby Speed Secrets

Pinewood Derby Kits

Cub scout pinewood derby car building kit including stickers and upgrades

Pinewood Derby Car Store

Pinewood Derby Tool Kits for Derby Cars

Pinewood Derby Racer Patches

cub scouts pinewood derby and raingutter regatta event racer patches

Derby Racer Patches

stock cub scout pinewood derby and raingutter regatta event patches


See all scrapbooking items

We have lots of scrapbooking supplies to help you craft and preserve a special memory of you and your cub scout. 12×12 decorative paper and sticker sheets will help inspire you to create something that lasts forever.

Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Sticker Sheet
Tiger Cub Words and Phrases on 12x12 paper
Space Derby 12x12 Scrapbooking Paper

Cub Scout Patches

See all in-stock patches

Patches are a terrific way to commemorate a special event for your cub scout. A Fishing Derby, Raingutter Regatta, or Cub Scout Games are just some of the events that you can remember fondly with a patch.

cub games olympics field day patch cub scout bowling bowlathon patch
dad n lad stock cub scouting event patch cub scout mom and me event stock patch
raingutter regatta sailboat cub scout event patch fish derby cub scout patch

Cub Scout Rank Head Patches

See all Critter Patches

Great for recognizing a special cub scout in your den. These patches can be sewn on when your cub reaches a new rank.

cub scout bobcat rank critter head patch
cub scout tiger rank critter head patch
cub scout wolf rank critter head patch
cub scout bear rank critter head patch

Webelos Patrol Patches

See all Patrol Patches

cub scout bobcat rank critter head patch
cub scout tiger rank critter head patch
cub scout wolf rank critter head patch
cub scout bear rank critter head patch

Graphic Toddler Tees and Bodysuits

See all toddler shirts and bodysuits

See all BSA graphic tees

We have a great selection of toddler tees and bodysuits for your up and coming cubs. Make sure to order a few extras for your especially messy and fast growing young ones.

boy scout baby backpack toddler bodysuit little cub scout dino print toddler bodysuit
Cub scout akela law of the pack toddler t-shirt cub scout race track pinewood derby t-shirt
Pink Dinosaur Rawr toddler tee Johnasaurus Rawr Dinosaur Toddler Tee

Activity Books

See all Activity Books

We stock tons of knowledgable and fun activity books for cub scouts. From learning all about dinosaurs, to exploring Hawaii, there’s a book for every cub!

Boy's Life Series Tracking Book for Cub and Boy Scouts Dinosaur Battles Boy's Life Book
Let's go hiking boy's life book boys' life dangerous beasts activity book
Aloha Hawaii Boy's Life Cub Scout Activity Book knights in shining armor activity book

Child wearing custom t-shirt from ClassB

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