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Shirt Color Guide: Blues


Gildan 100% Cotton Sky is a very light shade of blue with a slight hint of turquoise. A difficult color to replicate with a logo, Sky closely resembles the lighter blue in the Webelos logo. This color works best with darker and medium inks.


Carolina Blue
Gildan 100% Cotton Carolina Blue is a medium shade of blue with a nice even tone. A very versatile color, this shade works with almost any ink!


Gildan 100% Cotton Iris is a lovely saturated medium blue with a slightly cool purple hue.


Gildan 100% Cotton Sapphire Blue is quite the controversial color! It is a very difficult shade of blue to replicate on a computer screen. To some, it appears to be a true medium blue. In reality, this color has is a very saturated shade with a greenish turquoise tone. It can sometimes be referred to as “California Blue”. If you’re considering ordering this shirt color, we suggest requesting a physical swatch sample in the mail beforehand.

Twitter logoSapphire

Royal Blue
Gildan 100% Cotton Royal Blue is most commonly referred to as our “True Blue”. This shade is very popular with Packs, and closely resembles the shade of Blue in the Cub Scout logo.

FacebookLogo*304Royal copy

Navy Blue
Gildan 100% Cotton Navy Blue is a very dark shade of blue. Sometimes referred to as Midnight Blue, this deep shade works best with light and medium ink colors only. Darker inks like Black or Forest Green will not be visible on this shirt color.


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