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We received our patches today. They are great!! The ordering was easy and when we made major changes just before finalizing the artwork it was handled perfectely without complaints. These are the best patches we have received from anyone and we will be back. It was well worth the wait to get the quality.

Bruce R.
Silverdale, Washington
August 15th

We were happy not to have to provide art work. You already had it!

August 10th

Our reunion t-shirts were fantastic and well received by everyone. We particularly liked all the different colors that were offered, and subsequently worn at the reunion. Quite the rainbow! The quality of the shirts are so much better than what we have ordered in the past from another reunion t-shirt site, and your prompt service and attention to the order was superb. Thank you so much!

Kathy R.
Troy, Michigan
August 6th

yes ! The service was great !! and they overall experience in from start to finish was not only seamless but very professional and secure , I felt from the beginning I made the right choice and through to the end that was consistently reassured by the way everything went! The ability to view the complete order and make changes , a lay over period for additions if needed and just the way everything went was awsome not to mention how fast i was able to get my order in , completed and delivered . Simply extrordinary is the only way to put it. Thank you

Michele L Minneapolis Minnesota
July 28th

when we had our family reunion everone that saw our shirts eas telling us how different our shirts were and the art was verry good they wanted to know where we got them from and were they expensive I said no and gave them your name and how they could contact you.Our shirts were beautiful and we want to say thanks to everyone especially Jessica & Eric,Rod and everone who had anything to do in this process me and my family say Thanks.

Emma T
July 27th

Your sales people are so easy to work with, very friendly, and helpful. The art department did such a GREAT job on our design thoughts making our shirts really stand out. Troop 14 will be back. Paul F.
Spotsylvania, Va.

July 23rd

Working with the classb artist made my custom patch design process go extremely smooth. The patch almost turned exactly like the artwork, which has made everyone at my council very happy!

Jim M.
Bellefontaine, OH
July 20th

We submitted custom artwork that required some modification for screenprinting. The results were outstanding! The final product, quality of artwork and screenprinting, and turn around time exceeded my expectations.

Bill D.
Springfield, PA
July 13th

The GETYOURSHIRTS.COM was a very user friendly website. All of the associates were very hellpful , in helping us complete our t-shirt order. I especially liked having the option to go in and view the artwork and status of the order. Thanks for a great experience. Mary

Mary S.
Louisville, Ky.
July 12th

Why does this testimonial mention a site other than ClassB?
We merged GetYourShirts, CloverTees and ClassB together in 2010.

This experience was fabulous. Everything went smooth. I love being able to approve the artwork online. It allowed me to show the artwork to other committee members.

Nina H.
New Carrollton, Maryland
July 11th

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