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Blue and Gold Banquet

Custom Items to make your Pack’s Blue and Gold memorable for your scouts!
  Cub Scout pack blue and gold banquet items  

Blue and Gold Banquets

Your Blue and Gold Banquet is the highlight of the year for your parents and cubs. There is a real sense of pride and accomplishment as each scout is recognized for their accomplishments.

Blue and Gold Gifts

Like any important celebration, every scout and parent should get a thank you gift. Parents especially for the efforts in support of the pack. We have access to almost any customized item imaginable.

Blue and Gold Ideas

Many Packs have a theme for each Blue and Gold. Many of our blue and gold design ideas are for the popular themes. We do unique designs at no charge for your pack’s theme.


We have many award options perfect for your blue and gold. Don’t take your volunteers for granted, a plaque or something special will go a long way.

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Blue and Gold Banquet Thank You Gifts for Your Pack

Everyone wants to be Recognized and Appreciated

Cub Scout pack blue and gold banquet gifts

We have lots of experience with Blue and Gold Banquets from attendance to planning and now supplying custom items. The most important thing is to make your scouts and parents feel welcome and appreciated. A simple thank you gift can go a long way to achieve that! Don’t forget to verbally thank them multiple times during the banquet of course :) We carry a full line of promotional products we can customize for you. Its easy to order, just call us and we will take care of everything.

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Custom Blue and Gold Custom Patches

Blue and Gold Patch Designs

Blue and Gold patch design ideas to choose from!
Let us design a custom patch for your Pack’s Blue and Gold Banquet! Most Blue and Gold patches we do are custom for your pack’s theme. We need about a month, so order early!

Cub Scout Leader Wood Plaques

Cub Scout Leader Plaques

Scout Leader Appreciation Plaques!
Customize the message for the Cub Scout leaders that make your pack great! Cub scout leader plaques to present at your Pack’s Blue and Gold Banquet! Dont forget wood plaques for your Pinewood derby and Blue and Gold organizers.

Blue and Gold Custom T-Shirts

Everyone loves getting a T-Shirt! We have many blue and gold design ideas ready for your pack. We can create a custom design for you art no extra charge!

Cub Scout Blue and Gold t-shirt design idea SP2562 on royal blue t-shirts
Cub Scout Blue and Gold t-shirt design idea SP5237 on gold t-shirts

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Cub Scout T-Shirt Buyer’s Guide

Blue and Gold Embroidered Items

Cub Scout Pack Embroidery

Caps, Polos, Jackets, Wicking Polos, Blankets, Briefcases, make great appreciation gifts for your leaders and other volunteers!

Cub Scout Pack Embroidery Buyer’s Guide
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ClassB’s Blue and Gold Experiences

My most vivid memories in cub scouts are my first den meeting, first pack meeting, winning a Pinewood Derby, and my first Blue and Gold Banquet. I am not normally a ‘every kid wins’ kind of person, but I cannot stress how much it meant to me to be called up to receive a participation trophy and my wolf badge in front of my parents. I felt like thousand bucks! (yeah it was many years ago). At every Blue and Gold, I think its important for every child to walk away with something they can show their parents. Don’t underestimate the power of acknowledging achievement.

I started Scouting in Grand Island, NY (near Buffalo). We moved to Florida and got to experience how different packs do things. They gave out a coffee mug to the parents and a plastic cup to the scouts. I thought it was pretty cool, I kept it a long time. It helped to make me feel the event was significant in the community and that I did something to earn the cup. I remember looking around to see who did not earn one. Funny how a kid thinks about things.

Another part of my Blue and Gold Experience revolves around speakers. I can remember VIP’s like the mayor or the principal speaking and/or being in attendance. It gave me sense that I was a part of something real important in my community. Even if they don’t speak but can be thanked for attending (standing so the scouts can see them), It goes a long way. Sports figures, reporters, local business people, school officials, politicians, SPL from the local troop, high school quarter back, police chief, etc, anyone the scouts can look up too. As a 17 year old, I was asked to speak at a Blue and Gold to tell about my trip to the World Jamboree. I did horrible – It was after that, I realized I am not a public speaker and what a pat phrase is. I still feel bad about that. Have your speaker be someone with experience to entertain the scouts and adults. Other VIP’s can just be recognized.

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