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Using the Search bar on top of the page is usually best. Select a category from the right sidebar to narrow the results. Contact us. We love to talk about t-shirts and would be happy to assist!

How do I make my design look antique or worn out?

We carry designs with a “Distressed Pattern”. This pattern gives the design a crackle or worn out look. This pattern can be found on our Design Online area by clicking the blue ‘Add Art’ button. You can also search our Clip Art for distressed patterns, you will have multiple choices to choose from, and you can […]

Can I order different sizes of the same shirt?

Yes, you can order different sizes of the same style shirt. When choosing a shirt color, be sure to check the color and sizes availability first.  There is no minimum order for each shirt size, order as many or as little of each size that you need. This is our most popular t-shirt style:  B110 […]

Can I use the Olympic rings in my design? How about the words “Olympic” or “Olympics?”

No. Federal law prohibits the use of terms related to the Olympics and symbols used by the United States Olympic Committee. For more information, please read the U.S. Olympic Committee’s guidelines for using their marks or, for complete information, read the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act. If you have questions or would like to apply […]

I’m with a school, government, or non-profit organization, can I get a discount?

We offer the same low prices to all our customers. Since most of our prices are set specifically for the non-profit market (where budgets can be very tight), there is simply no room to negotiate lower prices for any reason. You’ll be amazed at the high quality and great service you receive from us at […]

Can I have my embroidery tape?

No. Your embroidered design is created free of charge just for production of your order and is optimized for our hardware, software, and procedures. The embroidery file/tape is not useable by any other embroidery system. Any other embroidery business would need to completely redo the digitizing to match their machinery and procedures so the file […]

Can I have the internal artwork files, film, or other production materials used in my order?

No. These items are needed for production of your order and are created free of charge because they either a) only have value in our production methods or b) are immediately recycled to reduce costs and reduce environmental impact. Many of our procedures are unique in our industry. We have an exceptionally high regard for […]

Can I use the artwork from my order on my website/newsletter/flyer?

Yes, in many cases you can! You can use the image posted online (as part of the artwork approval) for practically anything. However, If your image contains a licensed image or property from any other company or organization then you must get permission from them to use the image for your website/newsletter/flyer. Having permission to […]

Can I have my screen? Do I own my screen?

Your design will be screen printed using modern aluminum retensionable frames. The screen is tightened each run for the highest quality print. Your design is placed in the metal frame, your shirts are printed, and then your design is immediately removed.  Typically each frame is used 3-4 times per week. The traditional screen printing method […]

Can I add more shirts after I have placed my order?

After an order has been placed, for our Standard Service, you have two business days to make adjustments or changes to the sizes, without affecting the arrival date. Changes for a 9 business day Priority service order should be made within 24 hours of placing the order so the arrival date is not affected. Changes […]

Can I get a sample shirt?

Yes, you can order just one shirt! You can design a shirt design on our website …design your own custom t-shirts @ and order just one sample shirt for your group to take a look at, wear, feel and wash, before taking a bigger order. We are only able to print 100% cotton style […]


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