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Can I use the artwork from my order on my website/newsletter/flyer?

Yes, in many cases you can! You can use the image posted online (as part of the artwork approval) for practically anything. However, If your image contains a licensed image or property from any other company or organization then you must get permission from them to use the image for your website/newsletter/flyer. Having permission to reproduce images that are copy written or trademarked on your t-shirt order does not grant permission for any other use.  Always check with us or the copy write or trademark holder for more information. Many customers like to post the artwork on their website or put the artwork on a flyer to promote the resale of the product. You are allowed to use the proof artwork to do those things. It’s important to note that we retain all rights and ownership of our original artwork and designs. We retain ownership and all rights to our original artwork because our experience provides the best means of protecting your designs. If the artwork we produced is stolen by a third party, you’ll have a knowledgeable ally with a vested interest in helping you to protect the artwork.  If you think your usage of the art may infringe on this, just give us a call and we’ll discuss your needs.
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