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Let's talkt-shirts!

Can I have my screen? Do I own my screen?

Your design will be screen printed using modern aluminum retensionable frames. The screen is tightened each run for the highest quality print. Your design is placed in the metal frame, your shirts are printed, and then your design is immediately removed.  Typically each frame is used 3-4 times per week.

The traditional screen printing method of putting your design in a wooden frame is not used by our shop. Wooden frames allow the quality of the print to worsen between the first shirt printed and the last shirt printed.

This method of using a small number of aluminum screens versus wooden screens also saves space, cost and trees. This removes the need for us to charge you any kind of screen charges and ensures that reorders look just as great as the initial order.

Would you like to learn more? The inventor of this type of frame describes in detail the advantages of aluminum frames on their website (link opens in new window).
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