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Custom Graphics for Troop Trailers

Custom graphics on bsa boy scout troop trailer

Ordering Boy Scout Troop Trailer Graphics is easy!

Promote Scouting,
Promote Your Troop!

Troop Trailer Graphics

We can mix and match for different locations on your trailer!

Ordering Troop Trailer Graphics
We will need some information about your enclosed cargo trailer to properly generate the graphics.
• Side measurements of your cargo trailer
• Color of trailer panels (usually white)
• Dimensions of desired graphics (estimates are ok)
• Simple Mockup (a sketch is fine)

Troop Trailer Graphics Specifications
Troop Trailer graphics are printed on white vinyl specially designed for vehicle application. The vinyl is laminated to protect the printed graphics and text.

Whats included when your troop gets its graphics? You will receive your troop trailer graphics rolled in a shipping tube. The vinyl will come with installation ‘pre mask’ covering the vinyl.

Troop Trailer Graphics Installation
You can install it yourself but we recommend a professional installer if you are unfamiliar with installing vinyl graphics. Its not hard but it takes a little practice. If you accidentally let the vinyl fold back on itself it will be ruined.

Professional installers are easy to find, just call up your local sign shop. Often they will hold your trailer for a day or two. If you prefer we can ship the graphics direct to the installer.

Troop Trailer Graphics Turnaround
Expect a turnaround of 2-3 weeks. We expect the turnaround to be a bit over a week once we refine the process.

Custom Troop Trailer Graphics

Ordering Troop Trailer Custom Graphics
Want a custom troop trailer? Our artists will work with you to create an awesome trailer design for your troop trailer. We can designs atria from your t-shirt design or from a photo of your old troop trailer. Call us for pricing at 1-800-851-4020.

Custom Troop Trailer Graphics Turnaround
On a Custom design expect a turnaround of 3 weeks. We usually do a few mockups to make sure we have it they way you want.

Call 1-800-851-4020 Today!

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Boy Scout Troop Trailer Pricing

Vinyl Pricing

Prices can vary based on area of design.
The greatest factor is how large of an area will be getting printed. When requesting a quote please include the dimensions of the sides of your enclosed trailer. Please include the dimensions of the imprinted areas as well. A mockup real helps, even if its little more than a sketch.

Since most troop trailer orders will be custom designs, please call us for pricing. 1-800-851-4020

Once we have a few stock designs, standardized pricing will be determined.

Stock designs are customized with your unit number and location at no additional charge.

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