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Nights Of Camping Patches

NOC nights of camping, how many nights have you camped
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Keep em’ Camping!

With so many distractions in today’s world is hard keeping kid’s attention. All kids love patches! Working towards these patches will motivate each kid to spend more nights camping! Recognize their participation in your group’s camping activities. From our experience with the Boy Scouts, most Troop’s have a nights of camping program. It’s a great way to give a new scout something to work towards. This is a patch they can earn in YOUR troop or group.

ClassB’s Nights of Camping Program

Inspired by our experience with the Boy Scouts, its now open to all youth groups that want to encourage camping!

Your Group’s

What are the rules for the program? NONE! Your group should decide! We believe that the best program is one determined with the participation of the youth.

image for your groups rules, keep calm the kids can handle this


We structured our program in a way that we have never encountered. Nights required for each level are non-linear. Its easier to earn the patches at the beginning. Why? Patches have more motivational value for new scouts.

Display chart for nights of camping

Custom Poster

Watch as kids look and the poster and dream about their experiences to come. With your groups first purchase of 25+ patches, we will include a Free Poster! The poster can be customized with two lines of text, as shown in the example.

NOC nights of camping poster

Quality Patches

ClassB understands what makes a desirable patch!
You will award a patch that will ‘ooh and ahh’ your scouts!

100% Embroidery

100 % embroidery on EVERY patch! Minimum of 9 thread colors. Some patches have as many as 14 thread colors!

zoomed in version of nights of camping patch to show embroidery quality

Button Loops

Button Loops allow for immediate wearing of the patch without the need to sew. Every patch has one.

Night of camping patches include button loops for easy hanging before permanent placement

Laser Borders

Intricate Laser borders are cut with an industrial laser. This enables our paths to add depth to the scene. bringing the image to life.

Each nights of camping patch has a laser edge

Meet the Patches!

In the mean time, here are our mockups:

Nights of camping NOC embroidered patches from 10 to 200 nights

5 Nights

NOC 5 Nights of camping patch

The NOC 5 patch is slightly larger than all the others. We will make the other patches larger on the next manufacturing run.

10 Nights

NOC 10 Nights of camping patch

20 Nights

NOC 20 Nights of camping patch

30 Nights

NOC 30 Nights of camping patch

50 Nights

NOC 50 Nights of camping patch

100 Nights

NOC 100 Nights of camping patch

200 Nights

NOC 200 Nights of camping patch

NOC Nights of camping logo


NOC nights of camping patches as low as 2.99

Some of the best patches you’ll ever find!

An affordable and great looking Boy Scout Camping award!

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