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Cub Scout Uniform Patch Placement

bsa patch placement on cub scout uniform graphic

Troop Scout Uniform Patch Placement GuidePatrol Patch Placement Guide

Patch Placement on your Cub Scout uniform can be hard to figure out, so we’ve made this guide to help you know what to do! We’ll break down each patch location and type to help you better understand the patches on your cub Scout uniform.

Front of Uniform

Your Cub Scout uniform houses a lot of different patches!

official Cub Scout Uniform with patches

Shoulder Loops

Webelos Shoulder Loop

Let’s start with Shoulder Loops! Only Webelos Scouts and Cub Scout Leaders wear Shoulder Loops. These loops are the standard blue Shoulder Loops.

Right Pocket Flap

Cub Scout uniform Right Pocket Flap

The Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award patch is worn directly on the right pocket flap! Any pins earned from the Summertime Pack Award will be pinned directly to your Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award patch!

Right Pocket

right pocket temporary patch on cub scout uniform

The right pocket placement is where temporary Patches go. Cub Scouts can wear any Scouting patch of their choice here! Only one temporary patch can be worn at a time. Patches that contain a button loop are hung from the right pocket button behind the pocket flap. Some examples of patches worn here are Cub Scout pack patches, day Camp patches, or cool Camping patches!
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Beneath the Right Pocket

recruiter beneath right pocket of cub scout uniform

This spot is reserved for the Recruiter Patch Recruiter Patches are given to Scouts that bring another person to join Scouting! The patch is worn centered directly below the right pocket.

Above the Left Pocket

above left pocket Cub Scout uniform world crest patch

The World Crest is displayed above the left pocket. All members of Scouting display the Word Crest to they are a part of world scouting. The World Crest should be centered between the left shoulder seam and the top of the left pocket.

Left Pocket

Cub scout left pocket showing rank badges

The left pocket house the Cub Scout ranks! They should be placed in the following order:

Bobcat Badge should be in the 12 o’clock position
Tiger Badge should be in the 6 o’clock position
Wolf Badge should be in the 9 o’clock position
Bear Badge should be in the 3 o’clock position

Below the Left Pocket

lion badge below left pocket of cub scout uniform

Below the Left Pocket will house the newest Lion Rank! This rank should be placed directly below your Tiger Badge.

Right sleeve

Cub Scout right sleeve of uniform

The right sleeve is home to 3 important patches!

The American Flag Patch

Cub Scout uniform placement American flag patch

The American Flag Patch comes with every uniform already sewn on. The patch should be located directly below the shoulder seam and should be a BSA-issued flag patch.

Den Numbers or Den Emblems

Den Number patch on cub scout uniform sleeve

Den Number Patches are worn directly below the American Flag patch and should be touching the bottom of the American Flag patch.

Journey to Excellence Patch

journey to excellence patch on uniform

This patch is awarded to Packs who are awarded the Journey to Excellence Award! This patch should be placed just below the Den Number patches. Only the most recently earned award should be worn.

Left Sleeve

Cub Scout left sleeve

Council Patch

council patch Cub Scout uniform

The top of the left sleeve houses the Council Patch or CSP. The Council Patch should be flushed against the shoulder seam. The Council Patch is given through your local Council and cannot be customized to each cub scout pack.

Unit Numeral Patch

unit numeral patch Cub Scout pack on uniform

The Unit Numeral Patch is your Cub Scout Pack’s number. Unit Numeral Patches are placed below the Council Patches. Some Unit Numeral Patches will have a Veteran Bar which represents the number of years the Cub Scout Pack has been together. The Veteran Bar is placed on top of the Unit Numeral Patch, between the CSP and the numbers. Save sewing and get a single patch – check out Cub Scout Pack Unit Numeral Patches

Badge of Office

Cub Scout badge of office

The Badge of Office patch is for adults to show their role in the Pack! Some examples are Cub Scout Den Leader, Assistant Cub Scout Den Leader, Pack Committee Chair, Cubmaster, or Assistant Cubmaster. This patch is placed in the center of the Left Sleeve Pocket.

Cub Scout Leader Front Uniform

Cub Scout Den leader, cub master Uniform
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