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4-H Club Custom T-Shirts

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Custom 4-H T-shirts

We know what makes great custom 4-H t-shirts for your 4-H Club. Our staff are experts in custom t-shirts. We will make sure your 4-H’er’s t-shirts are perfect!

4-H Design Ideas

Whatever your 4-H club’s focus – we have a t-shirt design for your club. Over 300 4-H Club t-shirt design ideas to choose from! Customize any design idea online. We also do custom designs for your 4-H Club at no extra charge. Our Art Team can do the Art ahead of the order!-Learn More!

Quality Art

What makes our t-shirts look better than others? We pay special attention to our printing process! We make sure every logo and design element is perfect. The design on your 4-H t-shirt represents your club and 4-H!

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See Top 10 4-H Club T-Shirt Designs

4-H Club stock design SP2722 on green t-shirts
4-H Club stock design SP2988 on lime t-shirts
4-H Club stock design SP2710 on orange t-shirts
4-H Club stock design SP5196 on forest green t-shirts
4-H Club stock design SP2714 on black t-shirts
4-H Club stock design SP5195 on olive green t-shirts
Your 4-H Club will look great in their new 4-H Custom t-shirts!

New to buying t-shirts for your 4-H Club?

See our easy guide on how to make your custom t-shirt a success for you and your  4-H Club. If you’re looking for a quick to do list, try our First Time T-shirt Buyers Guide

Our Art Team can do the Art ahead of the order! – Learn More Here!

T-Shirt Buyer’s Guide

Benefits of 4-H Custom T-Shirts for Your Club Members

Everyone Can Wear a 4-H Club T-Shirt!

4-H Club T-shirts are an affordable way to welcome youth to your club. Keep extra t-shirts on hand as part of your club’s welcoming package. New 4-H members will feel a part of the club and will be more likely to stick with it. Club T-shirts for 4-H also build pride and spirit in the program. This pride follows the youth when they wear their 4-H T-shirt to school.  This raises awareness about the 4-H program to other kids that could benefit by joining your 4-H club.

4-H club T-shirts are great for recruiting. Read this article about using t-shirts to help 4-H club recruiting

4-H Club group photo wearing 4-H Club t-shirts from ClassB


4-H Club T-shirt Design Ideas

We have many custom 4-H Club t-shirt design ideas for you to choose from. Some popular categories include:
  • 4-H Horse Club Designs
  • 4-H Agricuture Designs
  • 4-H STEM Designs
  • 4-H Shooting Sports

Fun Activities

Your Club does some awesome fun activities! A 4-H Club T-shirt is much easier to clean than a uniform. Not that we like to admit it, but a t-shirt is expendable. A uniform is not. 4-H Club t-shirt mud splatter
4-h club wearing 4-h custom t-shirts from ClassB Queen city 4-h club

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4-H Customer Photos Blog

Read customer stories and see their 4-H Club t-shirts in action!

Low Prices For 4-H Clubs!

ClassB Tiger above box with 4-h custom t-shirts for 4-H clubs

All Inclusive Pricing

Pricing for 4-H custom T-shirts is based on a few factors: type of garment, number of colors in the design, # of sides printed. Always FREE artwork, setups, shipping. Large sizes like 2XL through 5XL never cost more! We have convenient upfront price breaks that make it easy to understand the pricing model. Pricing is transparent so you can take it your 4-H’ers and know exactly the price you’ll pay.
View pricing info for each design in the Design Idea Viewer.
Default pricing is for 100% cotton, but other garments may cost more. As long as you stick with the same design and ink colors on all the shirts, you can mix many different garment types to get better price breaks. We have 100% cotton t-shirts, hoodies, wicking shirts, sweatshirts and long sleeve options – keep your entire 4-H club happy!

Child wearing custom t-shirt from ClassB

The ClassB Difference

ClassB® has earned the Boy Scouts of America® Quality Licensee award every year it has been available - more than any other BSA® licensee! Our high regard for quality is another reason why ClassB® is the best choice to make

Your 4-H Club T-shirts

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