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4-H Club Custom Wood Plaques

Ordering Plaques is easy and the appreciation lasts a lifetime!

custom 4-h plaque ordering is easy • low prices • full color

Quality Wood Plaques

ClassB understands what makes a great 4-H plaque! We only use Walnut or Bamboo. Our raised vibrant full color printing can do almost anything. We carefully choose the colors to balance on the plaque design. No hazy sublimation ever used. Real metal plates. You have a plaque that will ‘ooh and ahh’ your recipient!

Quality Print

Full Color capable of reproducing almost any shade. Print is raised and perfectly opaque. 4-h plaque image showing print quality

Raised Gloss

Plaque includes raised clear gloss on key elements for a real pop.

raised gloss on print on 4-h plaque plate

Tiny details

Tiny text is easy for us. We can print any photo or logo and get incredible detail.
4-h plaque image showing tiny details of photo

4-H Custom Plaque Design Idea

Plaque designs ready to order with your customization. Prices are on each plaque design idea.

4-h custom walnut vertical with stripes plaque
4-h custom walnut vertical with farm background plaque
4-h custom walnut plaque standard vertical plaque
4-h custom walnut vertical with photo plaque

4-h custom walnut horizontal with wood background plaque
4-h custom walnut standard horizontal plaque
4-h custom walnut horizontal with horse background plaque

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Plaque Materials

Walnut Plaques

Genuine Walnut with a dark finish is our most popular plaque material. Its classy and works for all occasions.

4-h club reward walnut plaque

Bamboo Plaques

Genuine Sustainable Bamboo available in a variety of shapes. Skip the metal plate for an even more eco friendly modern plaque.

4-h club custom reward bamboo plaque

Metal Plates

We only use real metal plates so the quality of the metal shows thru. Our vibrant print covers the metal. Supporting elements like backgrounds can allow the metal to show thru for a special effect.

4-h real metal plate plaque

4-H Club Custom Plaques

Our award winning artists can create a custom plaque design for you.

And don’t worry, you don’t need to provide award winning artwork, we can work from a previous plaque, theme of your event or a simple line drawing. Unlimited revisions until you are pleased with your plaque! We want to make sure you are happy! Our Art Team can do the Art ahead of the order!-Learn More!
example of custom plaque with reward picture
4-H Fully Custom Plaque

Use a design idea and save

See all 4-H Plaque
Designs Now!

How to Order 4-H Custom Plaques

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Turnaround is around 1 week plus shipping for customized design ideas. Fully custom is usually 2 weeks. Average artwork approval time included. If you want extra time to work with your artist, order a week earlier. We will keep working with you if it takes a month :) – art time is the most significant possible delay. Production time after art is usually 2-3 days.

Money Back Guarantee

100% satisfaction money back guarantee starburst logo

If you aren’t 100% satisfied, simply return your plaque order for a full refund. We even pay the cost of return shipping and your refund is processed within 3 business days Click for details & restrictions

The ClassB Difference…. We Know Plaques.

ClassB has been making plaques for over 20 years! Just another reason we are the best choice to make Your Custom 4-H Plaques!

Questions or Ready to Order?

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Low Prices For 4-H Clubs!

Tiger opening a box of 4-H custom t-shirts

All Inclusive Pricing

Pricing for 4-H Plaques is based on a few factors: plaque material, plaque size, and level of detail. Pricing is posted on every design idea. Always FREE artwork, setups, and shipping over $50. Pricing is transparent so you can take it your 4-H Club parents and know exactly the price you’ll pay.

View pricing info for each design in the 4-H Plaque Designs.

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ClassB is a 4-H Authorized Vendor

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The ClassB Difference

ClassB® has earned the Boy Scouts of America® Quality Licensee award every year it has been available - more than any other BSA® licensee! Our high regard for quality is another reason why ClassB® is the best choice to make

Your 4-H Club Plaques

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