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Full Color Custom 4-H Name Tags

Ordering 4-H Club Embroidery is Easy!

Easy to Order

Ordering custom 4H’er name tags is easy! Initial orders of custom designs is only 10 name tags. Reorder minimum is only 1 name tag!

Full Color

We print the almost the entire name tag in full color. Pattern or photo backgrounds are easy and look great. OMG the detail is amazing!

Quality Materials

We use 1/8″ plastic or solid cherry wood for the name tag material so there is no bending or cracking of the tag. Our tags always include a 3 point magnetic clasp. Not a cheap pin.

4-H Name Tag Design Ideas

Many name tag designs have been created can be easily ordered on our 4-H store.

See All 4-H Name Tags

4-H Custom Name Tags

Custom designs can be created for council events, camps, clubs, fairs, and advisors. Free custom name tag design is available with a minimum order of 10 name tags.

Custom Designs – Call 1-800-851-4020

Custom 4-H Name Tag Options

100% Cherry Wood Name Tags

We offer full color wood finish name tags that are 100% Cherry Wood with a beautiful smooth finish. These name tags are 1 1/8″ x 3″ and include a magnetic back. Cherry name tags can be printed close to the edge with full color images. Wood name tags are best for 4H’ers since they are light and are eco friendly. Full color backgrounds work better with wood name tags.
cherry wood full color 4-h Name Tags - horses cherry wood full color 4-h Name Tags - 4-h script

100% Maple Light Wood Name Tags

Full color wood name tags are also available in 100% Maple, an almost white Wood with a beautiful smooth finish. These name tags are 1 1/8″ x 3″ and include a magnetic back. Everything else is the same as Cherry above.
maple wood full color 4-h Name Tags - maple wood full color 4-h Name Tags -

Plastic Name Tags

Our plastic name tags are super durable. Coming in at 1/8″ thick they are never going to bend or chip. Plastic name tags are available in 1″x3″ or 1 1/8″x3″ sizes. These tags are white with a black back and edges and also come with a magnetic back. Plastic name tags can be printed with full color images, but it does not work as well as on the wood name tags.
plastic full color 4-h Name Tag -

Magnetic Backing

All of our 4-H name tags come with an extra strength magnet that is plastic on the outside for comfort. Magnet backs are sure to help you keep your name tag on your uniform without risk of it falling off. Unlike the safety pin and double post backs that can break and fall off easily, having the magnet will be sure to help keep you at ease about ever losing your name tag because OUR magnetic back has 3 powerful magnets!
magnetic name tag backs
magnetic name tag backs showing 3 point magnet

Name Tag Standard Layout

Typically the logo is on the left side and takes up 25% of the space. The person’s name is on the right in large letters. Below that are 1-2 lines for additional information.
full color name tag example standard layout with 4-H logo

Full Color Name Tag Layout

Our full color process allows another option: full color backgrounds. When using a full color background, we can center the text lines or offset them. It really depends on the image used. Price is not effected by ink coverage. Wood name tags can be printed to 1/16″ of the edge.
full color name tag example full coverage for wood badge

Font Size for Short and Long Names

How long and short names are handled is a common question. We look at your list of names and make some judgements about the average length. In the event your name is a little longer, we will simply make the font a little smaller in order for it to fit properly on the tag. About 10% of the names will be printed in a smaller font. The two lines below are typically half the font size of the person’s name. We can adjust the layout to get it just how you want it! Example of a name tag with lots of text:
full color scout me in name tag with lots of text

Font Choice

We have almost unlimited font options. All name tags by default are printed in the same font as our examples. Please call to request a different font – it does not cost more to have the font you want.

Sending Us Artwork

We accept any format. Vector is better and larger is better. We have an in-house art department to handle it. Rarely is there an issue with the file, we will reach out if we need a better version.

Name Tag Art Proof

For initial orders, we always proof an example layout for you to see. For reorders, we typically do not.

Wood Name Tag Material Varation

The wood name tags are genuine wood, with all its varations and glory. here are some examples. the cherry with the knits is a rare.
wood name tag wood varations example maple and cheery name tags

Custom Name Tag Pricing for 4-H’ers

Pricing includes 3 lines of text, full color printing on any portion of the front of the tag and an attached Magnetic Back.
Wood Name Tag Pricing
1 1/8″ x 3″

Same design with name changes

  •  1-19   – $8.99 each
  • 20-49  – $7.99 each
  • 50-99  – $6.99 each
  •  100+   – $5.99 each
Plastic Name Tag Pricing
1 1/8″ x 3″

Same design with name changes

  •  1-19   – $8.99 each
  • 20-49  – $7.99 each
  • 50-99  – $6.99 each
  •  100+   – $5.99 each
Plastic Name Tag Pricing
1″ x 3″

Same design with name changes

  •  1-19   – $8.49 each
  • 20-49  – $7.49 each
  • 50-99  – $6.49 each
  •  100+   – $5.49 each

Free Full Color Setup

Free Setups on a minimum order of 10 name tags. Due to customer requests, there is a ‘less than minimum fee’ of $15 if you just need a single tag setup. If there is a way to avoid it, like someone else already did the layout we can use, we will certainly waive it.

Free Shipping

Free ground shipping on orders of $50 or more. Expedited shipping is available.

Name Tag Turnaround

Reorders take 5 business days at the most plus shipping time. Initial orders are usually 5-6 business days plus shipping time. We will happily change the layout until you’re happy, but it can add extra time to your order.

Ordering Custom Name Tags

E-mail us  or  Call us 1-800-851-4020

100% Money Back Guarantee

We know that you will love our name tags so much that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If our name tags weren’t everything that we promised, we’ll refund your order!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I lose the magnetic back?

In the event that you happen to misplace the magnetic back, you will have to buy a new one. We don’t replace any oopsies! If you find your staff is misplacing them, we can always sell you some extras.

Magnetic back and Pacemakers?

WARNING! May cause serious injury.

How do I take care of my name tag?

DO NOT WASH the name tag because it will destroy it. “Mom’s Homemade Chili” spill on you? Simply wipe it off with a damp towel and if needed use a little soap and water.

How durable is the print?

It should last a long time. The print is scratch resistant. Both plastic and wood can be scratched but, the ink will come off if scratched hard or sanded.

Are these engraved?

Nope! They are printed. The name and logo are printed in one run. This is how we achieve the color text and single piece reorder.

How are my 4-H Name Tags packaged?

They come individually packaged in a clear plastic sleeve.
full color name tag example of packaging for 4-H name tags

Benefits of Custom 4-H Name Tags

Never hear someone at a fair say: Who is that person? again – Custom name tags for events or units.

4-H Name tags are very common because they accomplish a variety of goals:
  • Reminds people of who you are
  • 4-H Advisors – look professional
  • No more trying to remember names
  • Everyone’s name in your club is clear
  • Identification of who is on staff for an event

How to Buy Custom 4-H Name Tags

E-mail us  or  Call us 1-800-851-4020

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