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Using the Search bar on top of the page is usually best. Select a category from the right sidebar to narrow the results. Contact us. We love to talk about t-shirts and would be happy to assist!

Will the shirts shrink?

Yes, but you won’t notice! All cotton (even pre-shrunk cotton) continue to shrink when washed. Our 50% cotton / 50% polyester shirts shrink about 1-2% and our 100% cotton shirts shrink from 3-5%. The 100% shirts you order are slightly larger to account for this so you don’t need to change how you order. (Don’t […]

Can I mix different styles or colors of garments for embroidery?

Yes, definitely! We encourage you to order exactly the styles and colors you want. For embroidery, you can mix and match garments like royal blue polos and gold caps or green fleeces and black T-shirts. You can mix styles of garments to reach the next quantity price break. For more information on our Embroidered products, […]

Can I use particular ink colors on some of my garments and other colors of inks on the rest?

No, the ink color(s) must stay the same for a single order. We can print your design on different colors of shirts as long as the ink color remains the same. You can still separate the leaders from the pack members or the captains from the players! If you need some shirts to have Royal […]

Can I mix different styles and colors of garments for screen printing?

Yes, you can mix styles, and colors in any amounts, as long as the ink color(s), ink type, and design remain the same. You are not required to order garments in even dozens, by size, style or color. You can mix and match as few as one each of a particular style and color. The […]

How much extra are larger size shirts (XL, 2XL, 3XL, etc.)?

There is no additional charge for any size shirt. Just be sure to check the color list for the style of shirt you are ordering. Different colors and different styles are not available in all sizes.

Can I mix caps and shirts to get the quantity pricing?

Only if the shirts are embroidered with the same design. Keep in mind that the design will be formatted to fit within the smaller design space available on the caps. We produce your cap order with a completely different method than a screen printed T-shirt order. This unique set-up procedure makes it impossible for caps to […]

What size will the design be on my t-shirts?

There are different maximum sizes we use depending on the range of garment sizes and type of garments you are ordering. The size of your design will be shown on your proof. The design stays the same size across all garments. We try to stretch the design as big as possible on your smallest garment. […]

How can I guarantee that my t-shirts will be a specific color?

Accurate color matching on the internet is nearly impossible and we cannot guarantee garment or decoration colors to match any color seen on the internet. Computer monitors, even from the same manufacturer, can show dramatically different colors. Your monitor doesn’t match our monitors and neither matches reality. So an accurate color proof is impossible. Garments […]

My art is approved, when will I receive my order?

Your order will arrive on the scheduled date.   You can find the scheduled date on the order acknowledgement that was emailed to you. Once your order has been printed and shipped, you will receive an email from our shipping department with a tracking number(s) and a link for the carrier.

Will I get to see my embroidered design sewn on fabric before production?

Yes! Your embroidery will be sewn on a fabric swatch that is similar in color and texture to your ordered goods, you will be able to view it on the artwork proof page. It will not be exact and is only intended to show the embroidery, not the final product. Embroidery is an imprecise art […]


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