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If I’m getting a reorder discount, why is the price per shirt higher than it was on my original order?

The price per shirt is based on the quantity of shirts you order. The $1.00 off discount is applied to the reorder quantity price, not the original order quantity price. So, if your reorder contains fewer shirts than your original order did, the price per shirt will be higher. Here’s an example: Original order of […]

I’d like to reorder but I need to change the design slightly. Do I still get a reorder discount?

The reorder discount applies only to reorders of exactly the same design. For example, if you are reordering shirts for an annual event but need to change the date from last year’s order, the reorder discount does not apply.

How do I get the reorder discount?

Just call 1-800-851-4020 to speak to a Customer Service Representative who will help you place your order and apply your reorder discount.

If I place my reorder more than 60 days after my original order, do I still get a discount?

The $1.00 off per shirt discount is available anytime during an initial 60 days after your order. If the first 60 days have passed, you must reorder within the following year during our off-peak seasons, between January 1 and April 30 or between July 15 and September 15. Your reorder quantity must be equal to or less […]

Do you offer a discount on reorders?

Yes, we offer an exact reorder discount. You will get this discount if your reorder quantity is equal to or less than your previous order quantity and less than 150 shirts total. This discount is available all year, as long as you place your reorder within 60 days of your previous order. The $1.00 off […]

How can I get a copy of my work order?

Contact us and we will send a copy to you via email or Fax. You can also sign into the website with your email address and a password, view your order information. For our contact information visit this link: Contact Us | ClassB®

Do you have Girl Scout designs?

We are not currently licensed vendors of the Girl Scouts. We do have over 100 different designs that were specifically created for girls which can be found on our site. You will notice that none of these designs have copyrighted information. Troop Girl Designs If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call and […]

Can you break down the sizes (ys, ym, etc) to numbers?

Size numbers 6-8, 10-12,  and so on are NOT standard.  Each manufacturer is allowed to cut the garment to any size they desire.  While there is good consistency in adult sizes, youth shirts vary widely in size. A better measure is the actual width and length of the garment.  We have a chart online for […]

Can I add baby shirts to my order?

Yes, you can add baby t-shirts to your order! Most Popular Baby & Toddler Styles B446 Rabbit Skins Infant T-shirts B445 Rabbit Skins Toddler T-shirts Or, see our entire selection of baby and toddler garments! Baby and toddler shirts work differently than regular t-shirts: Quantity You can add as many baby t-shirts as you want to […]

Do you screen print on sleeves?

Yes, we can screen print single color designs on short sleeve t-shirts.   The print size for sleeves is 3″W x 3″H maximum.


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