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Ink and Fabric Combination Tips
September 14, 2011

Some ink colors and shirt colors are just not meant for each other!

Here are some general guidelines to get the best looking shirts:

1.  Avoid combining bright colors at opposite ends of the spectrum.   Bright Red ink on a Bright Blue shirt will look fuzzy around the edges.  The eye has a real problem focusing on these combinations. Learn more.

2.  Consider Contrast.   Dark ink on a light shirt will show off the design much better than light ink on a light shirt.   Of course, if you are looking for a subtle look, then stick with low contrast between the ink and shirt. Learn more.

3.  Ever use a Black and White filter on a digital camera?  Sometimes two different colors are the same intensity.  These colors would look the same shade of gray on an picture taken using a B&W filter and are usually a poor choice.

4.  Remember the Color Wheel!  Complementary colors usually look best.  Remember that white and black are also ink colors that we can use to make your design awesome!

5.  Just Try it!  Use our online designer to experiment with different shirt and ink colors.  While the colors shown may not appear exactly the same in reality (Learn more),  it will help you choose colors that work well together!

Ash and Sports Grey Shirts
September 14, 2011

There are some garment colors in our 100% cotton line that contain a small amount of polyester.

The Ash color contains 1% polyester.  The Sports Grey color contains 10% polyester. The Dark Heather contains up to 50% polyester.  The polyester is there to properly produce the variegated colors.  This is caused by the way the dye works on cotton as opposed to polyester.

The label will state a polyester content but the fabric is heavier than the traditional 50/50 and uses the Ultra Cotton brand garment label.

How do I print off my design?
August 1, 2011

The most ideal screen to be on when printing your designs is the Public View page for your design.  The public view page will show your design (front and back) on two images, side by side.

Once on the public view page, you have several options!  Both options can be applied to printing the stock designs from the description page for each design.

Print from your browser!

Most internet browsers offer a print option through the menu bar at the top of your screen.  This can usually be found under “File”.  The keyboard shortcut on Windows is Ctrl + P, and on Mac is Command + P.

One drawback with this method is that you print everything on that web page.

For Internet Explorer: When printing, your computer has a Print Background option that you can choose to turn off or on. Some pages on this site use background images and colors in their design. This makes a printout of the page look different than how it appears on screen. By default, Internet Explorer for Windows does not print background images and colors. Check out this link: How To Turn on Background Printing in Internet Explorer

Save a copy to your computer!

Each t-shirt shown is a separate image.  You can save a copy to your computer of each image.  Right-click on the image of your design on the left.  Choose the “Save Picture As…”(Windows) or “Save Image As…”(Mac) option from the list that appears.  This will open a dialog box that will let you choose what name you wish to give the file and where you would like to save it on your computer.  Once finished, do the same for the image on the right.  You can then print the images from your computer!

The nice part of this method is that you can now use those images in a document to create an order sheet for your group!  One drawback is that you will need to remember the design number so that you can order from it later.

This is my first order, what do I need to place an order?
July 29, 2011

To place an order, you will need:

1) Design information – a design id number if you’ve created or customized a design, or a stock design number – starting with SP, or if you have your own design, you can fax, email, or upload it straight to the order wall.

2) Your garment style(s): color(s), size(s), and quantities .

3) Payment information.

Here is a link that can help you to make sure you have all the information you need: First Time T-shirt Buyer Guide | ClassB® also: How to order custom t-shirts | ClassB®

Is there an extra charge for each additional thread color?
July 26, 2011

No, we do not charge extra for additional thread colors, embroidery includes up to 9 colors for your design. Pricing is based on the total number of garments ordered with the same design.

For a list of thread colors, view this link: Embroidery Thread Colors – Note: Every computer monitor and printer displays color differently. This is meant to be an approximation of what our thread colors look like, not a guarantee of color.

How do I know what color the shirt really is?
July 22, 2011

Computer monitors are notorious for bad color reproduction. We will be happy to  mail out up to 4 different t-shirt color swatch cards.

These samples are available for our  (B110) 100% cotton which encompass the most colors of any garment and are comparable to any other Gildan brand garment.

View the t-shirt style page, choose a t-shirt type, and request Swatch Cards: Custom Screen Printed T-shirts from ClassB.com

T-shirt Size Charts
July 6, 2011

Just because two shirts both say “Adult Large” doesn’t mean they are the same size. This page demonstrates the differences between our most popular t-shirt styles: Gildan® 100% Cotton T-shirts and Gildan® 50/50 T-shirts.

How these charts work

Width is measured across the chest Length is measured across from hem to collar

These charts tell the measurement of the shirt as it lays flat on a table not measurements on a person. “Width” is measured from below where the sleeves connect to the body of the t-shirt and “Length” is measured from the bottom hem to the top of the collar.

100% Cotton T-shirts
B110 100% Cotton T-shirts
50/50 Heavyweight T-shirts
B120 50/50 T-shirts
Size Width Length Width Length
Youth Extra Small 16 20.5 N/A N/A
Youth Small 17 22 16 19.5
Youth Medium 18 23.5 17 21.5
Youth Large 19 25 18 23.5
Youth Extra Large 20 26.5 N/A N/A

Adult Small 18 28 18 27.5
Adult Medium 20 29 20 28.5
Adult Large 22 30 22 29.5
Adult Extra Large 24 31 24 30.5
Adult 2X Large 26 32 26 31.5
Adult 3X Large 28 33 28 32.5
Adult 4X Large 30 34 30 33.5
Adult 5X Large 32 35 32 34.5

Remember! Each shirt will be slightly different.

The sizes posted above are averages, not absolutes. All manufactured garments will vary slightly in size, sometimes as much as 1/2 inch in any direction.

Can I get a sample t-shirt with my design?
May 9, 2011

Yes, we can print a sample shirt with your design. It will be with our digital printer. So it will look slightly different than the large order that is screenprinted. If you have a stock design and you have customize the design with your information, just hit the buy now button and place the order. For most situations the cost is $19-$27 plus shipping. the price will show up in the online ordering system.

Please note that all printed samples can only be on the 100% cotton B110 t-shirt. Some ink colors cannot be replicated. These restrictions are limitations of the digital printer.

If I’m getting a reorder discount, why is the price per shirt higher than it was on my original order?
March 1, 2011

The price per shirt is based on the quantity of shirts you order. The $1.00 off discount is applied to the reorder quantity price, not the original order quantity price. So, if your reorder contains fewer shirts than your original order did, the price per shirt will be higher. Here’s an example:
Original order of 100 shirts Regular price $6.99 each
Reorder of 25 shirts Regular price $9.99 each
Reorder of 25 shirts with $1 off discount $8.99 each
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