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Ink and Fabric Combination Tips

Some ink colors and shirt colors are just not meant for each other!

Here are some general guidelines to get the best looking shirts:

1.  Avoid combining bright colors at opposite ends of the spectrum.   Bright Red ink on a Bright Blue shirt will look fuzzy around the edges.  The eye has a real problem focusing on these combinations. Learn more.

2.  Consider Contrast.   Dark ink on a light shirt will show off the design much better than light ink on a light shirt.   Of course, if you are looking for a subtle look, then stick with low contrast between the ink and shirt. Learn more.

3.  Ever use a Black and White filter on a digital camera?  Sometimes two different colors are the same intensity.  These colors would look the same shade of gray on an picture taken using a B&W filter and are usually a poor choice.

4.  Remember the Color Wheel!  Complementary colors usually look best.  Remember that white and black are also ink colors that we can use to make your design awesome!

5.  Just Try it!  Use our online designer to experiment with different shirt and ink colors.  While the colors shown may not appear exactly the same in reality (Learn more),  it will help you choose colors that work well together!
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