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What’s the difference between Screen Print and Digital Print?

Screen Printing and Digital Printing are two different ways to apply a design to a garment.   While there are a great many technical and process differences involved this is a basic overview.

We have a new page that covers the differences with detail here:
Decoration Methods Comparison

Screen printing is a stencil process that applies liquid ink to the garment, 1 color at a time.  When cured, the ink is extremely durable and washes well.  Screen printing has a lot of setup and clean up procedures so it is the best choice for larger orders of a few ink colors.  Screen printing can be applied to a wide variety of garments, fabrics, and colors. Learn more.

Digital printing is an electronic printing process that is very similar to an ink jet printer.  Once cured, the Digital print is durable but it requires more care in laundry and is not quite as durable as screen printing.  Digital printing is much easier to process and is suited for short runs and images of high detail and multiple colors.  The process is only available on 100% cotton fabric. Learn more.
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