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How do I print off my design?

The most ideal screen to be on when printing your designs is the Public View page for your design.  The public view page will show your design (front and back) on two images, side by side.

Once on the public view page, you have several options!  Both options can be applied to printing the stock designs from the description page for each design.

Print from your browser!

Most internet browsers offer a print option through the menu bar at the top of your screen.  This can usually be found under “File”.  The keyboard shortcut on Windows is Ctrl + P, and on Mac is Command + P.

One drawback with this method is that you print everything on that web page.

For Internet Explorer: When printing, your computer has a Print Background option that you can choose to turn off or on. Some pages on this site use background images and colors in their design. This makes a printout of the page look different than how it appears on screen. By default, Internet Explorer for Windows does not print background images and colors. Check out this link: How To Turn on Background Printing in Internet Explorer

Save a copy to your computer!

Each t-shirt shown is a separate image.  You can save a copy to your computer of each image.  Right-click on the image of your design on the left.  Choose the “Save Picture As…”(Windows) or “Save Image As…”(Mac) option from the list that appears.  This will open a dialog box that will let you choose what name you wish to give the file and where you would like to save it on your computer.  Once finished, do the same for the image on the right.  You can then print the images from your computer!

The nice part of this method is that you can now use those images in a document to create an order sheet for your group!  One drawback is that you will need to remember the design number so that you can order from it later.

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