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Summer Reading Series, Book 2, Spirit of Adventure.

Pull out the trusty beach chair, adjust the sun-brella, pour your favorite beverage over ice, and dive into our Summer Reading Series!

In some cases, it really does take one to know one and Alvin Townley author of Spirit of Adventure a book about the legacy of Eagle Scouts in America, is an Eagle Scout who travelled thousands of miles over this great country of ours to find out exactly what the future holds for Eagle Scouts–and to encounter past stories of honor and adventure.

The book introduces Eagle Scouts living in as far away places as Afghanistan and Australia. Townley finds Eagles who have competed in the Super Bowl and at the Olympics. He also meets teachers, servicemen, entrepreneurs, and activists along the way.

Townley’s writing is well-paced and descriptive. He sheds light on the motivations of the Eagle Scouts he visits by describing their actions, pastimes, and way of life. It always helps to hear someone tell a story in their own voice, and Townley is careful to include plenty of quotes from the subjects themselves regarding their various adventures.

Here’s an excerpt from the chapter entitled “Survivors.”

The race continued over the coming days, with the team slashing and trekking their way through jungles and up mountains. Mud, suffocating humidity, and brutal heat were constant companions. Bruises and lacerations received while plowing through dense foliage added to the difficulty. Unhealed cuts grew increasingly painful as the race continued. Days of sweating in the same clothes left Burton with a painful heat rash, but he kept going…

The stories found in this book should inspire and thrill Eagle Scouts of all ages, as well as, those working toward the highest achievement in Scouting.

This would make a great Eagle ceremony gift, or even a great book to give someone who is considering getting their child involved in Scouting.

The follow up to Townley’s acclaimed book, Legacy of Honor, it’s time to strap on the boots, fill up the CamelBak®, and set off with The Spirit of Adventure.

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