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Shirt Color Guide – Reds, Pinks, and Oranges


Cherry Red Our Gildan 100% Cotton Cherry Red is a cooler red, with just a small hint of blue in it. It is a very close alternative to our regular, traditional Red.


Red The Gildan 100% Cotton Red color is a traditional bright, vibrant red. It works great with both light and dark ink colors, and will help your group stand out in a crowd!


Cardinal Red Gildan 100% Cotton Cardinal Red is a deep, dramatic red. Sometimes this color is also called “Crimson”. Cardinal Red works best with lighter ink colors.


Maroon Gildan 100% Cotton Maroon is a very dark red with a lot of blue in it. It is a very sophisticated hue, and popular for Boy Scout Troops. We recommend only using lighter ink colors with this darker tone.


Azalea Gildan 100% Cotton Azalea is a bright and mellow medium shade of pink. This color is popular for family reunions and Girl Scout Troops. We recommend medium and darker inks for this hue for the most contrast.


Heliconia Gildan 100% Cotton Heliconia is a very saturated shade of pink. It’s sometimes referred to as “Hot Pink” It works with most light and dark shades of ink!


Tangerine Gildan 100% Cotton Tangerine is a slightly lighter, brighter orange with a yellowish tint. This color is sometimes also called Mandarin Orange. Light or dark inks can be printed on this shirt color.


Orange Gildan 100% Orange is a saturated, deep shade of Orange. This color works wonderfully with light or dark inks!


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