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ECO-T Environmental Sustainability Plan

Garment Manufacturers

Every t-shirt you buy from us is green, thanks to "ECO‑T," our environmental sustainability plan. What we already do and what we are planning to do is posted publicly both for our customers and because our research can help other companies improve their processes. We're proud of the positive efforts we are making on these concerns and want you to know the direction we're headed.

Manufacturer Spotlight
  • Gildan® Brand

    The vast majority of the items we sell are Gildan brand. Gildan is a leader in the garment manufacturing industry for environmental, corporate responsibility, and health issues. A sample of their efforts:

    • Fair Labor Association Members - Just like us!
    • Fair Labor Association Accreditation - First vertically integrated manufacture to achieve this!
    • Implemented a brine recovery system in 2008
    • Implemented a waste management program in late 2007, completing by end of 2008
    • Conducting ongoing greenhouse gas emissions inventory
    • Entire activewear line is Oeko-Tec Standard 100 Certified since 2004

    Visit Gildan's corporate citizen site to see recognitions they have received or download the Gildan 2007 Corporate Citizenship Report [PDF].

Garment Manufacturers

We have a wide choice of garment manufactures to chose from, we could just post them all up on the site, but we pick specific manufacturers based on a variety of factors. We look for the standard mix of quality and availability, they have to be the best quality shirts and we have to be able to get them in for your order. (Cost of the blank is not too much of a factor for us.) Less expensive t-shirts are usually lower quality and therefore not considered.

But even after these considerations are taken into account the field of garment manufacturers is still very large. How do we decide? We look to a factor just as important as the quality of the garment, how that company operates it's business. We feel that if a company does not take care of its employees and the environment, how can it make a quality product?

We look into the practices of each manufacturer and choose based on that manufacturer's commitment to environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Anvil® Brand

We carry a number of Anvil brand products, including their new lines of recycled garments. Anvil is committed to a program of social and environmental responsibility. Here's just some of what they are doing:

  • Corporate signatory to Social Accountability International (SAI)
  • Supports the CERES 10-point corporate environmental code of ethics
  • Anvil's facility in Honduras has been WRAP certified since 2005
  • Member of the Organic Trade Association and the Organic Exchange
  • Largest domestic user of US organic yarn
  • AnvilRecycled™ tees are made from pre-consumer cotton apparel cuttings and require no new dyeing

Visit Anvil's corporate citizen site to see learn how they make recycled t-shirts or download the Anvil Corporate Citizenship Newsletter [PDF].

Gildan® Brand

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