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Featured Customer: Troop 714 Oceanside, CA

Troop 714 didn’t go to Scout Camp just to have fun. They went to set an example. They went to advance in rank. They went to learn and grow and succeed. And they did. We are so glad to hear back from customers, especially when their boys put our shirts to such good use!
This is a group of eleven year old scouts from Oceanside and Carlsbad, California at their week of Scout Camp. They worked on skills from Scout through First class and also earned four merit badges. B Class shirts were a wonderful addition to our week of camp. They scouts were easily identified as Boy Scouts and the motto of Be Prepared was always forefront in their mind as they wore their shirts every day to camp. The color of the shirts blended in very nicely with their A class uniforms. It was a pleasure to order and wear our B Class shirts.
Troop 714 From Oceanside CA Are Pictured Wearing Their Custom ClassB T-shirts At Summer Camp

Troop 714 From Oceanside, CA Are Pictured Wearing Their Custom ClassB T-shirts At Summer Camp!

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