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Featured Customer: Boy Scout Troop 24 from Athens, Alabama

We’re proud to feature Boy Scout Troop 24 out of Athens, Alabama. This great group looks so sharp in their new ClassB t-shirts! FB_IMG_1436211544930~2 We got some great feedback from the Scouting parent that ordered the shirts:
“My son’s Scout Troop had been wearing the same old Class B shirts for years. The shirts were from a local shop and they were ok. One of the things we discussed about community awareness is that the boys never wear their Class B shirts outside of scout meetings or events. Boys aren’t going to wear a shirt outside of meetings that isn’t cool looking. We found the website, classb.com and saw really cool designs for troop shirts. We printed various designs and let the boys vote on which design they liked the best. Then we took that design and printed about 5 different color combinations and they voted on the colors they wanted for the shirts. The boys got to make their own shirts, design and color scheme. This lets them feel like it is truly “THEIR SHIRT”. These aren’t the same old locally made shirts that they wouldn’t wear in public, these shirts are “cool”. The kids were so excited to have them before heading off to summer camp. I even heard a few parents say, “I should have ordered a couple of those for myself”. As an added bonus, the shirts from classb.com were even a few dollars cheaper than the ones we had been getting in the past. The photo shows 10 of our boys as they were about to depart for camp. I think getting new shirts for summer camp might be a new tradition. I can’t wait to see what the boys choose for next year. A cool shirt at a great price, can’t beat that.”
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