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Congratulations to the winner of the ClassB® 4-H Community Improvement Grant!

Canyon County Multi-Taskers 

We want to extend our appreciation to all of the groups who applied and sent us their project ideas. Hats off to each and every one of you! We hope that you will continue with your projects and help make your communities safer, healthier and happier places to live.

Below is a summary the winning project. Make sure to check back over the coming weeks and months as we will be giving updates on their progress and showcasing their project upon completion.

Project Name: Generation Garden Project

Project Summary: They will use the funds to develop a small gardening area at an amenable retirement and/or assisted living facility in Nampa, ID.  This will be a great way to outreach 4H youth with the elderly in a positive manner, as well as creating a rewarding recreation for those desiring to be involved. They will work directly with residents to build the garden structure. Together they will plant and sow climate appropriate fruits and vegetables, maintain the garden, and assist in harvest and distribution of said garden to the facility. Youth members will learn the importance of community outreach, the ability to create and maintain a garden, the recreational benefits of gardening, as well as the need for availability of fresh fruits and vegetables for everyone.

Again, congratulations to the Canyon County Multi-Taskers and kudos to all of the other groups who submitted their projects. We understand the importance of the 4-H program in the lives of youth in the community and we are confident that communities all over the country will benefit from the projects that were submitted.

Many of us here at ClassB enjoy the benefits of tending our own home vegetable gardens. It can be such an incredibly rewarding experience. As your garden grows, so do the joys of cooking home grown vegetables, sharing your crops with family and friends, and spending quality time with your fellow farmers outside in the sunshine. We hope this grant will help the Canyon County Multi-Taskers complete the generation garden that they’ve envisioned. We can’t wait to see the finished project!

The rewards from a garden can often show up in unexpected ways. Especially when you involve your family or friends. Do you have a home vegetable garden? Tell us about some of the rewards your home garden has given to you.
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