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Templates Standard Patch Shapes

Table of Contents

Shapes include: Council Strip, Lodge Flap, NOAC Pocket Patch, Circle, Oval Tall, Oval Wide, Fleur-de-lis, Patrol Patch, Arrowhead, Cabin Tent, Waving Flag, Food Can, Hiking Boot, Tall Shield, Diamonds in 3 sizes

Version History

Current Version 2.4
Updated with Tall Shield patch template and diamond shaped patches info, 17 MAY 04, GRH
Updated with Hiking Boot Patch template, 18 DEC 02, GRH
Updated with Maximum Letter Height, 17 SEP 02, GRH
Updated with Patrol Patch template, 7 AUG 02, GRH

Download Templates Standard Patch Shapes PDF

Complete Information

You won’t need to try to draw a council strip or lodge flap after you download our standard patch shape templates. The first definitive scout patch shape template e-book. Great for patch contests or for sketching your own ideas.
Updated! Now with information about diamond shape patches.
All patch orders are automatically shaped to fit these standard shape templates.
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