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6 Tips For Unpacking and Distributing Your T-Shirts

Family Fun Day ShirtsThis weekend, ClassB is having its first ever Family Fun Day at Busch Gardens in Tampa.

Being a T-shirt company, we obviously wanted to design and create custom T-shirts for our employees and their families to wear while attending the event. The actual design we used can be seen in the picture to the right. Another great job by our artists!

But what we wanted to talk about here, is exactly how we handled the shirts once we received the final product from our production staff.

Even though we are right here in the same building, we received the shirts just like you would receive them if we shipped them to you.

With so many shirts to keep track of and distribute, we needed to keep things as organized as possible. So we decided to do just what we suggest our customers do. And it worked great.

Unpacking Tips

When you open the box, you will see an invoice and another slip of paper that says “NOTICE” at the top. Make sure to read the notice and follow the instructions closely.

Here is what you will need to do to assure everyone gets the correct shirt:
  1. Carefully count all shirts, by size, to make sure that your entire order is complete and accurate.
  2. Using your sign-up sheet, place each shirt in a bag and write the name of the recipient on the bag. One bag per recipient. If there is more than one garment per recipient, place them all in the same bag.
  3. If you wish to add anything else for each recipient (tickets, candy, etc…), do it now.
  4. At the time of distribution to each recipient, only allow one person to hand out the bags.
  5. Have everyone double-check their bags as soon as they receive them.
  6. Finally, do not give away any extra shirts, exchange for different sizes or modify the shirts in any way until every shirt has been distributed and has been accounted for.

Organized Shirts

Distributing the custom shirts for your event can be exciting, and people are going to want their shirts right away. But if you’re not careful, you can really cause a big mess.

Following these simple 6 tips will have each shirt in the hands of the right person and will save you the time of trying to sort out discrepancies later.

Good luck with your event!