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Custom Embroidery

Custom Embroidery for Polos, Ball Caps, Jackets & Blankets

over 500 stock embroidery designs

Ordering Custom Embroidery is easy!

  • • Low Prices
  • • Free Shipping over $50
  • • Free Setups and Art Proofs

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First time buying embroidered garments?

This guide will assist you in purchasing embroidered items for your group! Follow the steps below, and you won’t believe how easy the order process is!

What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is a decoration process where different color threads are sewn into the garment by a computer-controlled machine to create the desired image.

Custom boy scout troop embroidery

Custom Designs

We can do a fully custom design for your Troop. From a drawing, a previous logo, or just an idea. Our talented artists can do anything! No extra Charge for custom embroidery designs! Minimum of 10 garments on the initial order of any design.

Embroidered Polo with custom cub scout pack logo

What types of garments are typically embroidered?

Items that are most commonly embroidered include: ball caps, polo shirts, jackets, and non-garment items like backpacks and blankets. An embroidered design is typically fairly small and is placed on the left chest of a garment, or centered on the front crown of a cap. Embroidery tends to withstand repeated washings and compliments a clean, professional look.p>

Custom Embroidered boy scout neckerchief

How do I choose my embroidered design?

Choosing a design is easy! You can pick from 100s of embroidered stock designs available on our website here: ClassB Embroidery Designs

Where can I see what thread colors are available?

All the stock thread colors we carry are available here: Thread Colors for Embroidery Choose up to 10 thread colors for your design at no additional cost!

Where do I find products ClassB carries that are available for embroidery?

We stock many different styles of garments for embroidery. It’s important to note that some styles may be available ONLY for screen printing or ONLY for embroidery based on the type of fabric. The easiest way to find ALL the ClassB items available for embroidery by visiting this page: Products for Embroidery

How do I place an embroidery order?

Once you’ve chosen a stock design from our website, just click the “Order Online” button located on the stock design page. This will bring you to the order screen, where you can choose your garment style(s) and color(s), enter your sizes and quantities, and tell us what text you’d like to appear in the design!

Ordering custom embroidery online webpage order form sample

Will I get to see what my chosen design looks like before it’s produced?

Of course! For most embroidery orders, our artists will first create a digital proof of your design. This is a mock-up created on the computer where you can proof your colors, size of your text, your spelling, and all design elements before your order is actually sewn. Once you’ve approved that proof, sit tight! We’ll digitize your design and then provide you with a scanned image of exactly what your design will look like embroidered with thread! That way, you’ll have no surprises the day you receive your order. You’ll know exactly what your design looks like before it even arrives at your doorstep!

Proofing the custom line art and the embroidered sample sew outs


What if I want my embroidered products personalized? Can each person have their name sewn on their shirt or cap?

Absolutely! Embroidery personalization is a great way to make each person’s garment special. It’s excellent to identify leaders in your group, or as a special gift for members! We can personalize just about any embroidered item – from caps and polos to blankets and briefcases! Note: When ordering personalized embroidered items it is best to call in your final order, since ordering personalization through our website is not yet possible. A member of our Customer Care Team will be happy to receive your list of names and sizes, and then forward them onto our embroidery team!

Embroidered custom text personalization for cap backs

  • $5 for a single line under a logo (if it fits)
  • $8 for up to 3 lines on a right crest
  • $8 for 2 lines on a sleeve or cap back.
  • You have a choice of Block or Script in any thread color.
Custom embroidered small block font personalization
Small Block .3 in tall
Large block font custom personalization
Large Block .45 in tall
Small script font embroidered personalization
Small Script .5 in tall
large script font custom embroidered personalization
Small Script .75 in tall
Small block font custom embroider personalization
Small Block .3 in tall
Large block font embroidered personalization
Large Block .45 in tall
small script font custom embroidered personalization
Small Script .5 in tall
Large script font custom embroidered personalization
Small Script .75 in tall

Do you charge set up fees?

Never! There are NO SET UP FEES for embroidery orders!

No Setup Fees on all custom embroidered BSA orders

Boy Scout Embroidery Pricing

Ordering Troop Embroidery is easy!
  • Low Prices
  • FREE Shipping over $50
  • FREE Setups and Art Proofs
  • FREE Digitizing for new
  • Orders over 10 garments
  • FREE Up to 10 thread colors

How is pricing determined?

Prices Vary Prices vary based on quality and garment type. Designs are the same price regardless of colors. Extra locations add to the price. See pricing for embroider-able garment types.

Mixing Garment types

Everyone wants something different? We can help with that! You can mix garment types like polos, caps, sweatshirts, and jackets with your troop’s embroidery design. You can mix colors too. Price will vary per garment type, but the total quantity determines the price break!


Reorders are priced based on quantity. Its a good idea to get some extras at the higher price break. Once we have your design, the minimum order is just 1 garment. At lower quantities, garments will cost more.

Choose Garments

Mix from over 100+ choices:

See all Garment Options



B301 50/50 short sleeve boy scout polo
B301 50/50 Short Sleeve Polo

Good polo shirt at a great price. The ‘polos’ are made by Gildan so the colors will match with your T-shirts.

B417 Wicking Performance Boy scout troop Polo Ladies and mens
B416 Wicking Short Sleeve Polo

UltraClub’s 100% Polyester Performance Polo is a great option for Troops with a very active outdoor program. Keep cool on hot days.


Hooded boy scout Troop Sweatshirt
B176 Hooded Sweatshirt

Keep your scouts warm in winter. Hoodies are a great item to offer to your troop. The ‘hoodies’ are made by Gildan so the colors will match with your T-shirts.

boy scout troop Zip Hooded Sweatshirt B177
B177 Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

Zip Hoodies match with the regular hoodies. The ‘hoodies’ are made by Gildan so the colors will match with your T-shirts.

B483 two tone bsa troop hoodie
B483 Two Tone Hoodie

Comes in many color combinations.


boy scout troop twill floppy cap B691
B691 Twill ‘Floppy’ Cap

Most popular cap for Troops. Low profile design that everyone will like.

boy scout troop twill stiff cap B683
B683 Twill ‘Stiff’ Cap

Cap with a hook and loop closure on the back.

B689 boy scout troop twill stiff cap
B689 Nylon Quick Dry Cap

Quick dry cap great for camping. Looks awesome too!

Other Embroider-ables

boy scout troop fleece full zip jacket B537
B537 Fleece Jacket

Keep your Scouts really warm in winter. Full zip 8 oz fleece jacket at a great price.

B428 boy scout troop fishing shirt
B428 Long Sleeve Fishing Shirt

Loop Pockets, venting and other aquatic’s friendly features.

boy scout troop Cordura Briefcase B710
B710 Cordura Briefcase

Carry all your troops books and meeting ideas in a custom embroidered briefcase. Makes a great gift for a new Senior Patrol Leader.

Choosing Garment Sizes

Most orders mix a variety of garment types. Check every product page for sizing information. The one constant is that their is no size standard across manufacturers or even product lines.

In general, 99% of troops should never order youth sizes especially in sweats or jackets. Get a size larger than a t-shirt size for items that might be work over other layers.

Shirt and Thread colors for Troops

It can be challenging to pick colors over the internet because of monitor variables, lighting and glare.Some color combinations can strain your eyes to look at. When it comes to picking thread colors, just specify what you like and we will take care of choosing the right color. With the concern about the colors not looking right on a screen, Here is our list of thread colors

Young scout wearing custom ClassB t-shirt

The ClassB Difference

ClassB has earned the Quality Licensee award for every single year its been available. More than any other Licensee! Just another reason we are the best choice to make Your custom embroidery!

ClassB Quality Licensee since 2007 classb boy scout troop ad in scouting magazine

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