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Let's talkt-shirts!

Will the shirts fade?

Yes, all cotton shirts fade over repeated washings. With proper care, your shirt will stay vibrant and hold it’s color over many, many washings. All of our garments have been tested by us to make sure they will hold their color.

All dyed cotton will fade over repeated washings. Our 50% cotton / 50% polyester shirts will fade less because the polyester holds dye much better.

What’s most important is to properly care for your shirts.  We recommend:

1.  Wash in cold water with the shirt turned inside out.
2.  Wash with similar colors and fabrics.  Avoid washing t-shirts with heavy jeans.
3.  Hang dry for maximum life.
4. Do not use bleach or detergents containing bleach.
5. Do not iron the design!

Everyone washes their clothes differently and over time, these differences will become visible in everyday wear. If you plan on having a company, family or group photo taken in your new shirts, do not let anyone wash their shirt before this picture. A single washing with harsh detergents, hot water, and a ‘heavy soil cotton’ cycle will prematurely fade a garment and can be noticed when placed next to a shirt that was laundered properly.
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