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How do I order custom patrol patches?

We carry tons of unique stock patrol patches, so we might have one that fits your custom patrol. It is often worth looking through the stock patches before placing an order for custom patches. You can visit our Trading Post website for our Official Licensed Patrol Patches:

Official Licensed Patches [ClassB Trading Post]

For custom patches, call us to speak to a Sales Representative. They will guide you through the process and place the order over the phone. To get started, here is the list of licensing requirements set forth by the BSA:

-All patches must be 2” in diameter (this should be a problem, we’ve converted entire pages of art to patch size)
-All patches must have khaki border and background
-All patches have maximum three color thread design, not including khaki (we can talk about this over the phone if your design is more than 3 colors)
-No patch can contain words, letters or numbers from any language.

Here are some shipping and price information as well:

-Minimum order of 10 patches, $6.99 each
-Each additional patch after initial 10 will cost $2.99 each
-Bulk order of 50 patches will cost $1.99 each
-Turnaround time is 6-8 weeks.

We look forward to working with you on your patches!
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