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CPSIA Attribution Size and Location

The Federal Law CPSIA (2008) requires us to label products with some manufacturing information. We know our customers care about product safety, but the addition of the attribution is not always desirable from a visual perspective. We do our best to place the text in position that will make it less noticeable. We print it in the smallest letters we can but it must still be legible. Some licensed properties require ® and © identifiers, we include those in the same location.

Your design requires CPSIA information if the product is designed for or intended to be used by children under the age of 12. This basically means that any order that contains Adult medium or smaller shirts will include the CPSIA information. If you know that no children WILL use the product, the law reads that if a child COULD use the product, it requires the text. The CPSIA attribution line identifies the manufacturer and where to see the certificate of compliance.

Here is a link for more information about CPSIA: CPSIA 2008 Compliant – ECO-T

For licensing attributions, each license owner has specifications. Below are some example photos of our most common licensed properties:

An example of a Licensed product with CPSIA and licensing information:

CPSIA trademark and copyright line

Basic designs are harder to hide the line, but as you can see, it does not stand out very much:

Full size design with cpsia trademark info

The only real problem is left crest or really small designs and licensing. There is just no place to hide it! Here is an example:

CPSIA trademark information on crest design

Some alternatives may be available.  Please contact us to see if your order qualifies!  Contact Us  
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