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Can I mix different styles and colors of garments for screen printing?

Yes, you can mix styles, and colors in any amounts, as long as the ink color(s), ink type, and design remain the same.

You are not required to order garments in even dozens, by size, style or color. You can mix and match as few as one each of a particular style and color. The total number of garments will determine your quantity pricing for each item. For example, if you ordered the mix of shirts below, each item would be priced at the 40 piece price break for each type of garment:

25 Adult Large, 10 Adult Medium Royal Blue t-shirts 2 Youth Large, 2 Adult 3X Large Navy Blue crew-neck sweatshirts 1 Adult Small Black long sleeve t-shirt

It is good to order similar garments colors because the ink color(s) will react differently on different styles and colors of garments. The 100% cotton garments will make the ink look brighter than on the 50/50 blend garments.

We will not be able change the ink color for the different style of garments, for example, if you need some shirts to have Royal Blue ink and some shirts to have a a Gold ink, we consider those two completely separate orders. Those two orders cannot be combined for quantity discounts.
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