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Can I add baby shirts to my order?

Yes, you can add baby t-shirts to your order! Fanily-reunion-baby-t-shirts-400

Most Popular Baby & Toddler Styles

Or, see our entire selection of baby and toddler garments! Baby and toddler shirts work differently than regular t-shirts:


You can add as many baby t-shirts as you want to your order, they even count towards price breaks for screen printing!


Designs on baby t-shirts use our digital printing process. This process is very close to screen printing in color vibrancy & durability. Digital printing results in a flatter design and finer gradients. You may also notice a pressed area of the shirt, but that goes away after the first wash. Assuming normal wear, the shirt should hold the design long enough for the child to grow out of it.


Because baby t-shirts are decorated with a different process than the rest of your order, we may need to make some small changes to your design. For baby t-shirts that are only available in white, we will change the design colors to coordinate with the rest of your order. You can choose from many different styles including onesies, infant, and toddler tees in different popular brands.
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