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Order Satisfaction Survey Results

Each customer is emailed an invitation to complete this survey about a week after their order has shipped. Survey began April 26, 2006

How would you rate the product itself?   18,039 responses

Quality of the decoration? (Imprint/Embroidery)   18,029 responses

Quality of the artwork?   17,952 responses

Packaging and organization of your order?   17,962 responses

Shipping and delivery of your order?   17,963 responses

How would you rate the overall experience?   17,984 responses

Would you buy from us again?   17,971 responses

Would you recommend us to a friend or colleague?   17,962 responses

We'll let our customers speak for us.

Each survey respondent could also write whatever they wanted to share with future visitors to the site about their experience with ClassB.com.

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