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Troop W.I.S.E. Training

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Article 1 - Introduction
Article 2 - Troop W.I.S.E. Steps
Article 3 - Bullet Points of the Troop W.I.S.E. Program
Article 4 - Motion Before the Troop Committee
Article 5 - Sample Letter #1
Article 6 - Sample Letter #2
Article 7 - Outline for PLC Meeting Agenda for Troop W.I.S.E. program
Article 8 - Sample Letter #3
Article 9 - Troop W.I.S.E. Training Course
Article 10 - Skit #1 The Chain of Command
Article 11 - Skit #2 Driving the Car
Article 12 - Skit #3 Everyone Tells Me What to Do
Article 13 - The Aims of the Boy Scouting Program
Article 14 - Handout A The 7 Steps of Discipline

Excerpts | Back to top

“The Troop W.I.S.E program is a method to put the power of decision making firmly in the hands of the Patrol Leaders Council. It acts to reinforce the Patrol Method within the Troop and helps to create the proper atmosphere to work within Baden-Powell’s vision of Scouting. It was created in response to a situation where a Troop had many involved adult volunteers who were all eager to help. Very quickly it became apparent that untrained adult volunteers would begin to impact on the decision-making and authority of the Scouts. Certainly all the adults and all the Scouts had nothing but the best intentions but they all forgot the basic interaction of children and adults in this situation. Adult are perceived to be in-charge because they are bigger and they are the accepted leaders in school, the community and the family In order for the Scouts to learn the lessons of scouting, the adults needed to learn how to teach those lessons. The following steps are what we developed to enable our Scouts to always do their best!” - Page 3

"Each Scouting activity will have a set of goals. One set of goals will be made by the Scouts acting through the Patrol Leaders Council. A completely different set of goals will exist for all the adults involved in that Scouting activity. One of the Most important concepts of the TROOP W.I.S.E. program is: NEVER LET THE GOALS OF THE SCOUTS BECOME THE GOALS OF THE ADULTS." - Page 13

"SKIT #2 Driving the Car ... LEADER: Select a driver and six “Scouts” Set up seats like they are the interior of the car. Give each of the six one of the “behaviors” below by cutting this paper into strips. Tell them to follow the instructions as closely as possible and try to get into the character. Hold Pete the Patrol Leader off to the Side for the first time through the skit. Have the driver get into the car and pretend to drive. When it gets out of hand, stop the skit." - Page 21

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Total package adult training for a boy-run troop. Are your adult volunteers not sure about their role at meetings and campouts? Are you an SPL who can't run a meeting without adult "intervention?"

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PDF Format (140 kb)

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Robert Hilferding, our Sales Manager, wrote “Troop W.I.S.E. Training” to address one of the ever-present questions of Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters. As can be seen by following the postings on the main scouting newsgroups, there are many adult scouters who are unsure of how to have a truly boy led troop.

As a veteran Scoutmaster who watched two sons achieve Eagle rank, Robert put together this training resources that outlines the specific steps needed to take a troop that is led by adult volunteers and transfer the leadership role to the boys. Hopefully, this will be a valuable tool to enable you to start getting more out of scouting by doing less of the work that is intended for the young men in your troop to gain experience from.

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