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Wide Games Made Easy

Table Of Contents | Back to top

Chapter 1 - What Is A Wide Game?
Chapter 2 - Why Use A Theme?
Chapter 3 - Assembling The Team
Chapter 4 - Expanding The Theme
Chapter 5 - What Is A Station?
Chapter 6 - Group Movement
Chapter 7 - The End Game
Chapter 8 - Costumes And Role Playing
Chapter 9 - Promoting The Event
Chapter 10 - The Day Of The Event
Chapter 11 - Conclusion, Notes from the Author & Copyright Notice
Appendix A - Sample Themes
Appendix B - Job Descriptions

Excerpts | Back to top

“It was down to just the two of them---John from the Cobra Patrol and Billy from the Screaming Eagles. They knew that the fate of the universe was in their hands and that if they did not defuse the devise it would be all over. John reviewed the clues that the Cobras had gathered. He remembered the phrase “Let the law be your guide” that all the people they had met that day had kept repeating. He looked down at the device, with its glowing lights and countdown clock running and pushed the button - just at that moment....” - Page 1-1

"In order to return home, the scouts must repair the time machine by doing a variety of tasks, finding different items, and so on. At a fire building station, they would build a fire to burn through the Time lock string that binds the Machine “up-time.” This is the basic camporee game with the string the Scouts are to burn attached to the side of a tree or building as if it is going “somewhen” else. The string is of course charged with tachyon particles so it can not be touched or cut." - Page 4-2

"This is the fun part. Are they going to get clues? compass directions? bizarre bits of poetry describing landmarks? cryptograms? A visit to the lead writer would be good here to fit the clues to the theme. You should balance the method to the age and experience level of the troop. Too easy and it becomes a foot race, too hard and someone will have to go looking for the “Lost Patrol” It’s a good idea to run the method(s) you pick out by a few different crew members." - Page 6-2

"“They were tired..... The Eagle Patrol was laying in the ditch by the side of the road barely moving. Then Greg yelled out “I know what it is! I know what it IS!” The Eagles rose as one and started jogging to the end of the course. Greg had the key to unlock the treasure chest." - Page 7-1

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Looking for an exciting event for your troop? Let this FREE resource be your guide to well organized large scale unit level or district level events!

"I have written and produced wide games for over 15 years including many troop and even a district wide event." - Robert Hilferding, author of Wide Games Made Easy

For easy use on the computer and “in the field,” this e-book is formatted to be easily viewable and printable. We’ve also included an larger left margin for readers who want to store this reference in a 3-ring binder along with their wide game maps, schedules, and other notes!

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PDF Format (155 Kb)

About The Author | Back to top

Robert Hilferding, our Sales Manager, wrote Wide Games Made Easy as a resource for adult volunteers to contribute a unique training event to their scouts. This is a persistent request from scouters seeking new and exciting events for their units.

Robert is a veteran Scoutmaster who has served in almost every adult role for a Boy Scout Troop. He draws on over 23 years of personal scouting experience in the authoring of scouting resources for


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