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Chapter 9. Every Scout’s a Winner!

Our derbies have always placed great value on ensuring that each scout walked away from the event feeling good about their participation. Winning and losing are important lessons of the day, right along with brotherhood and satisfaction of a job well done.

While racing awards are only given out for first and second place in each category and for the overall pack winner, the design awards at the end can be an excellent way to recognize each and every scout. A participant ribbon says one thing, but each cub getting a small trophy and being announced as the winner in a particular design category goes even farther to foster creativity and recognize each scout’s unique contribution.

When thinking of design categories, consider using some non-traditional ideas, like “Best Design Featuring a Lego Person” or “Most Unique Use of the Color Blue” This adds some fun to your final award presentation at the end of the event.

Award Ceremony
Everyone present at the event saw which car won each division and knows who the pack winner is. It’s still important to get the cub’s with their parents and cars up front to be recognized. Your sponsors and charter organization representative would love to hand trophies and shake the hands of your winning cubs. Don’t forget to take pictures and invite the local newspaper!

Some packs will delay their awards ceremony until the next pack meeting. I’m a fan of presenting awards at the end of the derby itself. This establishes a more direct link between the event and the recognition for the cub’s and gives everyone the chance to “wind down” from the excitement of the event itself. All your happy smiling cubs getting their awards is sure to cap your event with just the right spirit and remind everyone of the goals of the event and how well you succeeded in accomplishing those goals.

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