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Chapter 1. Setting Goals

In most information you find the purposes of Cub Scouting are usually listed as:

  • Character Development and Spiritual Growth
  • Good Citizenship
  • Sportsmanship and Fitness
  • Family Understanding
  • Respectful Relationships
  • Personal Achievement
  • Friendly Service
  • Fun and Adventure
  • Preparation for Boy Scouts

It is simplistic perhaps to think that EVERY activity, meeting, and event should used to accomplish one or more of the purposes of Cub Scouting. However, if you make that your goal, the purposes become a glue that can bind an entire year together. Read the list and begin to formulate how any particular activity can be used to promote one or more of these concepts. Let’s apply this to the Pinewood Derby Race and see what fits:

  • Character Development: Following the rules and playing fair.
  • Sportsmanship: Learning to win AND lose with grace.
  • Family Understanding: The parent and cub working together and sharing in the results.
  • Personal Achievement: Learning skills about building the racer.
  • Fun and Adventure: What better way to describe a day at the races!

Now that we know how a derby can fit into the larger program, we can then develop a unique set of goals for our particular event. Here is a set of goals that a pack might adopt for its pinewood derby:

1. Develop a set of rules for all to follow.
2. Hold a competition that allows scouts to experience winning and losing.
3. Encourage and enable interaction between parent and cub.
4. Recognize every Scout for achievement.
5. Provide lots of fun for every attendee.

Certainly, each pack should develop its own set of goals. Develop your own and be sure to keep them in general terms. As we develop our plan, we will test everything that we are doing against our list of goals and make sure that it meets or exceeds the expectation.

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