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How do I use a purchase order to pay for my order?
September 18, 2013

Qualifying organizations can use a purchase order with their initial order and receive NET 10 terms. Other organizations may need to first submit a credit application or may need to pay using a check or credit card. Read this entire article to determine which policy applies to you. If you are a…
  • BSA Council
  • Public School
  • Government Agency (Municipal, County, State or Federal)
  • Bank
  • National Brand Car Dealership
  • Hospital
Then you can receive NET 10 terms on your initial order, if:
  1. You provide a written copy of your purchase order that includes the customers name and shipping address. (An “intent to purchase” on letterhead is also satisfactory.)
  2. Product is shipped to the organization’s address and not a home address.
If you are a…
  • Private or Religious School
  • Business (other than those listed above)
  • Faith-based organization
Then you can receive NET 10 terms on your second order, if:
  1. You prepay for your first order with a check or credit card.
  2. You submit a credit application before submitting your second order and we approve that application.
  3. Shipment of all orders are to the organization’s address as listed on the credit application.
If you meet the requirements above, you can choose from 3 easy ways to submit your  purchase order:
  1. Email a copy to your customer representatives
  2. Fax to 888-744-1409
  3. Mail a physical copy (this will delay your order). Contact Us | ClassB®
Once we receive the purchase order, we will review it and advise you if we need more information.     All other organization types must prepay for all orders using check or credit card.

August 2013 Customer Photos!
September 1, 2013

Hello and Happy Fall to you all! As the leaves begin to change and the weather becomes cooler, we expect to see our customers changing gears to plan for new activities.

It looks like many of you have still been able to enjoy some outdoor fun and THANKS SO MUCH for sharing your photos with us. Our family reunion customers are still serving up the good times at barbecues, our Cub Scout customers are camping out and our 4-H customers are walking in parades. You sure know how to keep busy and we love seeing you in your awesome t-shirts!

We can’t wait to see what the coming months hold in store for you, so please continue to send in your pictures! And be sure to browse through the photos below to see all the fun our customers had in the last month. :)

Want to see YOUR group here? If you have pictures in your custom t-shirts, please send them to your ClassB customer rep! We would be proud to feature them on our next Customer Photo blog!
All photos shown are the property of the photographer and are reposted with permission.

ClassB @ 2013 National Jamboree
August 2, 2013

Recently, ClassB staff ventured up to Mount Hope, West Virginia for the Boy Scouts of America’s highly anticipated 2013 National Jamboree. This was the first ever Jamboree at its new permanent location, the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve. It was also the first time ClassB attended a Jamboree as exhibitors.
Eleven ClassB staff members worked the event and oh, what fun we had! The days were long and the weather was trying, but we gave it our all. Our CEO, Eric Hilferding, said: “I had so much fun helping attendees screen print their shirts, I never wanted to leave the booth!”
From running an awesome program as exhibitors to exploring the grounds and attending shows, our Jamboree experience was nothing short of memorable. Here is our Jambo in review.
Opening show

Opening Show

On the morning of the second day of the Jamboree, we watched contingents fill the trails as they filed into the AT&T Summit Stadium. OA Service Corps members were staggered across the stadium to help manage the crowd and get the attendees hyped up. It was an overwhelmingly awesome feeling to sit amongst the 30,000+ Scouts and Scouters in anticipation of the big show. National Order of the Arrow and Venturing officers greeted the crowd and introduced Chief Scout Executive, Wayne Brock. Inspirational messages, photo montages and energizing performances by the Army National Band and Taylor Made got everyone excited about the Jamboree.

Center stage Ready for the show Opening show ClassB swag on the trails ClassB beach ball Brownsea Island visit

The Jamboree

This 10,000+ acre facility offered breathtaking scenic views, thoughtfully designed landmarks and action-packed activity bases. As you entered the main gateway, the Scout Law was written down all the pillars that lead you through Gateway Village. The self sufficient Sustainability Treehouse offered educational displays and was a worthy attraction to visit along the way. The impressive 786-foot-long CONSOL Energy Wingtip Bridge took campers form their sub camps to Action Point, where they could earn merit badges, visit exhibitor booths and choose their adventure. Popular Jamboree activities offered included:
  • Zip lining and canopy tours
  • Rock climbing and bouldering
  • BMX and mountain biking
  • Skate parks
  • Archery and shooting ranges
  • Kayaking and dragon boats
  • The Cloud
  • Action Point
CONSOL Energy Wingtip Bridge Down time The trax The Park The Barrels Go Big. Get Wild. Staff shirt tag time

Action Point & the ClassB Booth

We had our very own tent space in Action Point, centrally located at the heart of all the Jamboree activities in Summit Center. Coincidentally, half of the ClassB staff running it were Eagle Scouts! Every morning, ClassB staff member and Eagle Scout, Justin, would sound the conch shell to signal the opening of the booth. Paul and Thomas (also Eagle Scouts), ran Scouting trivia with Justin and lead the crowds in camp songs to keep the energy high from open to close!
Our booth had some awesome attractions for the participants. We offered a wide variety of commemorative licensed designs at and the ‘Tag Your Shirt’ station. Lines wrapped around the booth to play the game for a chance to win the highly coveted ClassB Totem Pole Patches. We even got pictures of the first 100 of you to collect the entire 15-piece event set. Be sure to tag yourself in our Facebook album.
When speaking about the booth, ClassB Marketing Director, Kristen Garcia, said: “One of my fondest memories of the Jamboree will always be when the torrential downpour of rain trapped everyone in our booth and Paul sang us back to sanity. He could sense the tension in the crowd and quickly burst into song, leading everyone in ‘Ain’t Gonna’ Rain No More!’ At the song’s end, the clouds parted and everyone cheered!”
You came from your sub camps far and wide in heat and rain to play our carnival style toss n’ win game, screen print your shirts and of course, sing camp songs with us! Everyone left with patches in hand, designs on shirt sleeves and smiles on their faces.

Action Point ClassB booth game staff ClassB tigers hard at work ClassB booth screen printing staff The first of many Silly staffer If he can do it... ClassB Street Team

ClassB Street Team

ClassB staff members were often seen on the trails handing out free patches, sunglasses and other cool swag. The highlight of the trip for us was getting to meet so many of you, our super fun and proud ClassB customers. You scouted us out on the trails and in our booth to show off your custom t-shirts, which we loved. ClassB staff member and screen printer, Amanda, said: “It was so awesome to get to see our customers wearing shirts that I helped print!” We took some great photos with you; so, be sure to look for yourself in our Flickr album.
Happy ClassB customers! Hey DJ! Happy ClassB customers! Happy ClassB customers! We know you... Happy ClassB customers!

Closing showClosing Show & Final Days

As the Jamboree festivities came to a close, we funneled into the stadium for one last show. The BSA put together an awesome line up for us, beginning with opening performances by BSA’s Got Talent finalists as well as pop singer, Sarah Centeno. Guest speakers included: ROTC Director of Recruiting, Colonel Paul Webber, AT&T CEO, Randall Stephenson, Dirty Jobs show host, Mike Rowe and the King of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf, who lead the 30,000+ crowd in a chant. The show closed with a memorable performance by popular rock band, 3 Doors Down and everyone made their way back to their sub camps to prepare for inclement weather.
The final days of the Jamboree were spent watching participants hurrying to complete activities, collecting and trading patches and trying to stay dry. We packed up our program, watched the contingents file into their sub camps one last time and waived goodbye to the Summit. As we bussed back to Bradley Crossing, we swapped pictures and stories of the friends and memories we made at our first ever Jamboree.

Closing show OA friends Closing show ClassB swag

For more great pics from our trip, check out: ClassB @ 2013 National Jamboree – Flickr album ClassB @ 2013 National Jamboree – Facebook album

Find additional memories from the Jamboree at: Boy Scouts of America Flickr Boys’ Life magazine 2013 National Scout Jamboree – news, videos and news QBSA Radio – Jamboree radio Jamboree Today – news Jambo Live – Archived stadium shows #2013jambo Facebook #2013jambo Twitter Virtual Jamboree  

July 2013 Customer Photos!
August 1, 2013

With July coming to a close, we all know what that means… it’s almost “Back to School” time. So many of our customers have taken full advantage of the beautiful summer weather and have created memories that will last a lifetime.
As many of you know, some of the ClassB staff recently ventured up to West Virginia for the 2013 National Scout Jamboree

Not only did we get to see some FANTASTIC photos of our customers in their t-shirts, but some of you even took the time to stop by our booth to show off your ClassB customer pride! How awesome is that? A sincere THANK YOU to all of our customers for being so fun to work with.

Of course, we took some photos of our own to share… but, to see them you’ll have to check back with us soon for our Jambo in review post. Until then, feel free to browse through the photos below to see all the fun our customers had camping, visiting high adventure bases, fundraising and relaxing at family reunions. :)
Want to see YOUR group here? If you have pictures in your custom t-shirts, please send them to your ClassB customer rep! We would be proud to feature them on our next Customer Photo blog!
All photos shown are the property of the photographer and are reposted with permission.

2013 National Jamboree – CONSOL Energy Bridge
July 25, 2013

ClassB crossing the CONSOL Energy BridgeThis final day of 2013 National Jamboree coverage comes to you direct from the summit’s CONSOL Energy Wing Tip Bridge. This uniquely designed 786-foot-long, 100-foot-tall structure serves as the main route from two of the campsite villages to the the adventure activities. Because the ravine separates the sites from each other, this bridge turns a tedious 45-minute hike through trails and a creek into a 2-minute breeze straight across.

View from the top of the CONSOL Energy BridgeAside from its utility, this bridge serves as an awesome dual purpose transportation structure. Scouters can use the main walkway to quickly stroll from one place to the next, or they can walk two secondary pathways that stretch high above and far below the main bridge to offer its visitors amazing views of the Summit and its high adventure posts.

Wood used to pave the bridge was locally harvested from black locusts trees and is expected to withstand harsh weather conditions for many years without staining or painting.
CONSOL Energy made a significant donation of $15 million to the project. According to its chairman and CEO, this iconic bridge was thoughtfully constructed to symbolize the transition from the last 100 years of Scouting into the next 100 years to come. With the Jamboree festivities coming to a close, we couldn’t think of a more appropriate landmark to visit before leaving.

CONSOL Energy Bridge Inscription

Do you plan to visit the Summit after the Jamboree? Tell us about your plans in the comments section below.

We will be sharing our Jambo in review blog post upon our return home. Be sure to bookmark the page and check back with us!

2013 National Jamboree – Brownsea Island Experience
July 22, 2013

This day of 2013 National Jamboree coverage comes to you from the Summit’s very own Brownsea Island Experience. This modern-day reenactment serves as a tribute to the first ever Scout campout organized in 1907 by Scouting’s founder, Baden Powell, at Brownsea Island in England.

Keeping to the agenda followed over 100 years ago, participants have the opportunity to engage in the very same games enjoyed by the original campers. Scouters had a blast playing games like Tug O’ War and Whale Hunt.

Brownsea Island Encampment 2013 National Jamboree

Talented actors portrayed General Baden Powell and his right hand, Major MacLaren instructing the boys on their first day of camp. Every morning of the Jamboree, the Brownsea Island Scouts perform a flag raising ceremony under their direction.

What a fun way to relive the founding of Scouting! It’s amazing to see of how much the program has evolved from all those years ago. If you are at the Jamboree, we definitely recommend stopping in to travel back in time for a quick and fun education.

ClassB CEO Eric Crossing the Bridge to Brownsea Island
What are your group’s favorite games to play? Are they historic or new creations? Tell us in the comments section below.
Remember, we will be keeping you posted on all the fun we’re having right here on our blog. Be sure to bookmark the page and check back with us throughout the Jamboree!  

2013 National Jamboree – Sustainability Treehouse
July 20, 2013

This day of 2013 National Jamboree coverage comes to you direct from the Summit’s Sustainability Treehouse, located near Action Point. This structure was built to demonstrate The Summit Pledge program’s commitment to sustainable practices.

This tiered building has been LEED Certified by the U.S. Green Building Council, verifying that it incorporated the best green practices from design to construction.

Two 4kW Urban Green Energy vertical access wind turbines were installed, facilitating the generation of electricity for the treehouse. To avoid disturbing the trees during construction, a 180-ton crane with a 190-foot boom was used to lift the turbines over them and onto the platform. Now THAT was thoughtful planning!
As you enter, an informative wall graphic explains some of the green functions of the Sustainability Treehouse:
  • Self powered
  • Collects water
  • Recycles waste
  • Makes its own heat

The steps that lead into the treehouse are adorned with staggered messages that read “Like trees, this building captures solar, catches wind, taps earth, collects water, recycles waste, reuses everything and conserves (without drama)” and “Climbing stairs could generate enough electricity to power a laptop, a phone, anything, really (just climb).”
This was definitely a worthy attraction to visit! On the rooftop pavilion, visitors were even invited to leave their mark by engraving messages onto recyclable tags. From top to bottom, great attention to detail was used in the design of this impressive structure.We are confident that it will inspire the youth for many generations to come!

Do you incorporate any sustainable practices in your every day life? Share them with us in the comments section below.

Remember, we will be keeping you posted on all the fun we’re having right here on our blog. Be sure to bookmark the page and check back with us throughout the Jamboree!

2013 National Jamboree – Totem Pole Patch Set!
July 18, 2013

This day of 2013 National Jamboree coverage comes to you direct from the ClassB booths in Summit Center, the heart of all the Jamboree excitement! We are honored to have the opportunity to exhibit and to set up some super fun booths. One includes our famous carnival style Toss N’ Win game. Many of our Scouting friends already know about our game and have stopped by for some practice throws!

What makes it so special this year? It’s being run by Eagle Scouts and the prizes are officially licensed patches from an awesome event set! ClassB staff members Justin, Paul and Thomas have seen many a Jamboree and will be there to make sure you walk away with all three pieces of ClassB 2013 National Jamboree Totem Pole Patch Set!

We worked with several other vendors to create an officially licensed 15-piece patch set. When assembled it makes a totem pole that’s almost four feet tall! Wondering how to get the whole set? That’s the fun part! Participants will have to go on a scavenger hunt of sorts to collect all the patches.

Each participating vendor has a piece of the set. Scouts can commemorate their visit to each of the different booths with an awesome patch! Participating vendors include:

Already at the Jamboree and wanting a little help tracking some patches down? Here’s a legend that shows all the patches in the set and which vendor you must visit to collect each patch. If you’d like one to keep, you’ll have to play to win it!

Were you able to collect any pieces of the set? Upload a photo to our Facebook page. We’d love to see how you arranged your totem pole!

Remember, we will be keeping you posted on all the fun we’re having right here on our blog. Be sure to bookmark the page and check back with us throughout the Jamboree!

2013 National Jamboree – QBSA Radio
July 16, 2013

Our first day of 2013 National Jamboree coverage comes to you from the Jamboree’s very own radio station, QBSA Radio.
ClassB Tiger is on the air with QBSA Jamboree Radio!
The guys behind The Eagle’s Voice have been “blastin’ stuff atcha” nonstop since Friday to bring you coverage of the big event. QBSA Radio is your 24-hour source for Jamboree news, weather, on-air events and of course, great tunes. Fun-loving Welch local, Ed Evans, is hosting the morning show every day from 5:30 – 9:00 am. Be sure to tune in!

Scouts can sign up for 15 minute slots of air time, allowing them the opportunity to select songs, give public service announcements, conduct interviews and give shout outs to their contingents. To commemorate the experience, participants will receive an awesome officially licensed “On Air Personality” patch!

QBSA Radio operates under a temporary license from the FCC and must follow federal regulations. Before participants can have their 15 minutes of fame, they must first go through a brief training station to provide proper identification and familiarize themselves with radio lingo.

QBSA Staff Members at the Opening Show!Additionally, QBSA broadcasts live from the opening and closing stadium shows, making folks listening back home feel like they are right in the middle of the excitement! We’ve been told that the station will host some super fun events and have awesome commemorative Jamboree giveaways to blow out. ;)

Be sure to tune in locally to 98.3 FM or download the free TuneIn Radio app to listen in. For more information about QBSA and to follow their activity, check out the QBSA Radio Facebook page.

Have you already been listening in? Let us know what your favorite part of the program has been so far in the comments section below. We’d love to hear what you think!

2013 QBSA Jamboree Radio Staff

Remember, we will be keeping you posted on all the fun we’re having right here on our blog. Be sure to bookmark the page and check back with us throughout the Jamboree!

ClassB to exhibit at the 2013 National Jamboree
July 12, 2013

T-minus three days and counting… Time to Go Big. Get Wild.

And ClassB will be there when it happens!

After a much anticipated wait, the 2013 National Scout Jamboree is almost here!

In less than a week, Scouters from all over the country will gather in Mount Hope, West Virginia to celebrate the new permanent home of the Jamboree at the Summit Bechtel Family Scout Reserve. The Boy Scouts of America promise that the new site will play host to some of the most exciting experiences ever offered at a Jamboree before.

This 10,000+ acre facility has been carefully designed to include some of the most impressive high adventure activities in the world. Participants will look forward to 10 days of: zip lines, canopy tours, rock climbing and bouldering, skate boarding, mountain biking and bmx, shooting sports, archery and whitewater rafting, to name a few. From extreme sports and competitions to exhibits and stadium shows, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Our friends from QBSA Radio will be “blastin’ stuff atcha” through live broadcasts beginning at 5:30 am every day. Tune in locally to 98.3 FM or download the free app, TuneIn Radio.
As for us, we have always enjoyed attending the Jamboree as visitors; but, this will be our first year going as exhibitors! There will be TWO ClassB tents centrally located at the heart of all the excitement, in Summit Center.

One tent will include our famous carnival style Toss N’ Win game, offering players some awesome Jamboree swag for prizes. For you avid patch collectors, we have collaborated with several other attending vendors to create an awesome event patch set (sneak peak at left). You will have to embark on a bit of a scavenger hunt to collect them all… and you have to play to win ours!

We’d love to see how you arrange your totem pole! If you get an entire set, take a photo and upload it to our Facebook page, where we will also be running contests to blow out some of the Jamboree souvenirs we’re giving away.

The second tent will include screen printing stations for participants to tag their shirts with officially licensed commemorative Jamboree designs. If you plan to attend, stop by for a visit and bring a t-shirt!

Eleven of our staff members are super excited to be attending the 2013 National Jamboree and can’t wait to report back! We will be keeping you posted on all the fun we’re having right here on our blog. Be sure to bookmark the page and check back with us throughout the Jamboree!
If you are planning to attend, leave us a comment to tell us what contingent you’re with and we’ll see you at the Summit! :)
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