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UNedited Customer Testimonials

Each customer is invited to complete a survey after they have received their order. Below are some recent comments provided. We don't edit or censor any comments.

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Customer service was great, process of order was easy, and order was shipped faster than expected.

Heather S.
Lorain, Ohio
May 27th

Delivered 2 days before promised. No hassle customer service. We loved being able to take attributes from multiple designs on the site to create our own unique design.

Ray J.
Bowling Green, Kentucky
May 27th

Great Service! Fast Turnaround!! Will order from Class Ba again and again !!

David M
Lincoln, NE
May 26th

Outstanding customer service, great product, great prices. Extrememly satisfied.

Skip M.
Burke, Virginia
May 25th

great service; T's special way to have those who completed a difficult merit badge Hiking 70 Miles ! stand out as example to others and to thank adults who supported the work

Colin C.
Tiburon, CA
May 24th

The customer service was excellent! My order was urgent and no other company could get it done it time. Class B got it done and did a beautiful job. Very grateful!!

Beth R.
Milford, CT
May 22nd

Beautiful quality personnel designed shirts and excellent customer service, Would recommend to all future buyers and look forward to future orders.

Cynthia R.
San Antonio, TX
May 21st

One of my best customer service experience ever on an order of any kind.

A. Wingate
American Canyon, CA
May 18th

Class B provided me with too notch customer service and made sure I was well taken care of! Their shipping was super fast as well!

Suzy K.
Lakefield, MN
May 17th

Quality shirts.. great customer service .. quick shipping .. ClassB is and a classA company

Penni B
Itasca IL
May 16th

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