T-shirt Size Charts

6th July, 2011

Just because two shirts both say “Adult Large” doesn’t mean they are the same size. This page demonstrates the differences between our most popular t-shirt styles: Gildan® 100% Cotton T-shirts and Gildan® 50/50 T-shirts.

How these charts work

Width is measured across the chest Length is measured across from hem to collar

These charts tell the measurement of the shirt as it lays flat on a table not measurements on a person. “Width” is measured from below where the sleeves connect to the body of the t-shirt and “Length” is measured from the bottom hem to the top of the collar.

100% Cotton T-shirts

B110 100%
Cotton T-shirts

50/50 Heavyweight T-shirts

B120 50/50

Size Width Length Width Length
Youth Extra Small 16 20.5 N/A N/A
Youth Small 17 22 16 19.5
Youth Medium 18 23.5 17 21.5
Youth Large 19 25 18 23.5
Youth Extra Large 20 26.5 N/A N/A

Adult Small 18 28 18 27.5
Adult Medium 20 29 20 28.5
Adult Large 22 30 22 29.5
Adult Extra Large 24 31 24 30.5
Adult 2X Large 26 32 26 31.5
Adult 3X Large 28 33 28 32.5
Adult 4X Large 30 34 30 33.5
Adult 5X Large 32 35 32 34.5

Remember! Each shirt will be slightly different.

The sizes posted above are averages, not absolutes. All manufactured garments will vary slightly in size, sometimes as much as 1/2 inch in any direction.

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7 Responses to “T-shirt Size Charts”

  1. Denise says:

    What sizes do you have for children 6yrs and under. The chart looks like it is for older children and above.

  2. eric says:

    Eric with ClassB:
    Size for Youth Extra Small in Gildan B110 is Width 15.5, Length 19.5
    Size for Youth Extra Large in Gildan B110 is Width 20, Length 26.5

  3. eric says:

    Eric with ClassB:
    We have a baby and toddler sized shirt style available. They come in many colors.



    These are decorated with Digital printing and can be added to your screenprinting t-shirt order in the order screen.

  4. […] A better measure is the actual width and length of the garment.  We have a chart online for our most popular garments here: http://www.classb.com/help/305/t-shirt-size-charts […]

  5. John says:

    Are shirts available in TALL sizes such as XLT and 2XLT?

  6. kaos bola says:

    apparently different sizes in my country :)

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