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ClassB is an Official Licensee
of the Boy Scouts of America

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Official Licensee of the Boy Scouts of America

Your custom order from ClassB will be printed or embroidered with the official logos and trademarks of the Boy Scouts of America.

National Boy Scouts of America reserves the right to approve any design using its trademarked property.

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How do I know I’m getting an
officially licensed t-shirt?

You’ll know an officially licensed t-shirt when you see it because it will have the BSA Officially Licensed Product holographic seal or holographic tag. Screen printed t-shirts also contain the following attribution as part of the design:

™ and ® Boy Scouts of America

All Scouting t-shirts should contain both of these markings. They are your key to knowing that you are supporting Scouting and the effort to protect BSA trademarks.

2015 BSA Quality Licensee Award 2014 BSA Quality Licensee Award 2013 BSA Quality Licensee Award 2012 BSA Quality Licensee Award 2011 BSA quality-licensee award 2010 BSA quality-licensee award 2009 BSA quality licensee award 2008 BSA quality licensee award 2007 BSA quality licensee award

ClassB.com has earned the Quality Licensee Award
from the Boy Scouts of America every year it has been available.

The Boy Scouts of America Quality Licensee program is designed to recognize licensees that achieve excellence through their commitment to ongoing product development, their steadfast adherence to the licensing program requirements, and their active support and promotion of the Boy Scouts of America and its programs.

Group photo of ClassB.com staff wearing quality licensee award winning t-shirts

Thank you for helping us to be the only t-shirt company to receive this honor eight years in a row!
-ClassB.com Staff

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