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Cub Scout Pack
Promotional Products

Your Cub Scout Pack will look great with their new Custom Items!

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Small Sampling of our most Popular Cub Scout Pack Promotional Products

Prices vary and are quoted per order. Prices below are for comparison.

17 Ounce Ceramic Camper Mug for cub scouts
B558 17 oz Camper Ceramic Mug

Minimum Order only 36 pcs

Priced from $8.00 to $5.24 each

18 ounce metal porcelain coated cub scout campfire mug
B556 18 oz. Metal Porcelain Campfire Mug

Minimum Order only 36 pcs

Priced from $8.67 to $7.76 each

11 ounce cub scout Hampton coffee mug
B555 11oz. Hampton Mug

Minimum Order only 72 pcs

Priced from $4.14 to $3.41 each

27 ounce aluminum hiker bottle for cub scouts
B758 27 oz. Aluminum Hiker Bottle

Minimum Order only 40 pcs

Priced from $7.83 to $4.70 each

16 ounce foam insulated plastic sports bottle for scouting
B549 16 oz Foam Insulated Sports Bottle
11 ounce ceramic white hampton mug with printed full color image
B555F 11 oz. White Hampton Mug w Full Color Jet Direct

Minimum Order only 36 pcs

Priced from $9.79 to $5.99 each

12 ounce steel city scouting coffee mug with plastic handle
B560 12 oz. Steel City Coffee Mug
26 ounce camel water bottle for cub scouts
B732 26 oz.Camel Water Bottle
16 or 22 ounce stadium cup for scouting events
B553 16 oz or 22oz Stadium Cup

Minimum Order only 150 pcs

Priced from $1.28 to $.62 each

14 ounce stainless steel auto mate cub scout mug
B559 14 oz. Stainless Steel Auto Mate Mug
16 ounce insulated auto mate mug for cub scouts
B557 16 oz. Insulated Auto Mate Mug
24 ounce aluminum drink bottle
B729 24 oz. Aluminum Bottle

Minimum Order only 24 pcs

Priced from $7.68 to $3.83 each

14 or 22 ounce stein great for cub scouting events
B552 14 oz or 22oz Stein

Minimum Order only 120 pcs

Priced from $2.04 to $1.07 each

17 ounce stainless steel backpack bottle for cub scouts
B551 17 oz. Stainless Steel Backpack Bottle

Minimum Order only 40 pcs

Priced from $8.37 to $5.96 each

34 ounce BPA free wide mouth cub scout bottle
B733 34 oz. BPA Free Wide Mouth Bottle
22 ounce trans bike bottle for scouts
B728 22oz Trans Bike Bottle
26 ounce value cub scout water bottle
B548 26oz Value Bottle
24 ounce triton OTF water bottle for scouting
B754 24 oz. Tritan OTF Bottle
14 ounce lagoon tumbler
B554 14 oz. Lagoon Tumbler
18 ounce BPA free foldable water bottle with carabiner clip
B735 18 oz BPA Free Foldable Water Bottle

Minimum Order only 40 pcs

Priced from $5.43 to $2.25 each

20 ounce BPA free aluminum water bottle for scouting includes carabiner clip
B550 20 oz. BPA Free Aluminum Bottle

Minimum Order only 40 pcs

Priced from $7.16 to $4.94 each

Large silicone dog tags for scouting
B755 Large Silicone Dog Tag
9 bulb LED light with black strap
B565 9 Bulb LED Light with strap
10 inch nylon folding flyer
B736 10in Nylon folding Flyer

Minimum Order only 40 pcs

Priced from $6.45 to $4.00 each

2 inch small carabiner
B757 2 in Small Carabiner
Large carabiner for scouts
B757 Large Carabiner
lightning carabiner flashlight small keychain style for scouting
B77 Lightning Carabiner Flashlight
digital full wrap graphic round pioneer pencil for scouts
B784 Round Pioneer Pencil Full Color Digital (Full Wrap)
fluorescent cub scout pencil with matching neon eraser
B783 Fluorescent Pencil w Matching Neon Eraser
round pioneer spot color pencil
B782 Round Pioneer Pencil (Spot Color)
Ribbons for cub scout awards and events
B737 Ribbons
single ribbon rosette award for scouting
B738 Single Ribbon Rosette
dual ribbon with rosette for scout awards and events
B739 Dual Ribbon Rosette
Three ribbons with rosette printed for cub scouting events and awards
B753 Three Ribbon Rosette
18 inch beach ball with printed scouting logo
B563 18in Beach Ball

Minimum Order only 120 pcs

Priced from $2.36 to $1.52 each

Convention Led Flashlight and pen with printed cub scout text
B779 Convention Led Flashlight and Pen
silicone bracelet with cub scout text debossed
B776 Debossed Silicone Bracelet

Minimum Order only 100 pcs

Priced from $2.75 to $1.00 each

9 inch flyer printed with custom scouting logos and text
B561 9in Flyers

Minimum Order only 120 pcs

Priced from $1.98 to $1.09 each

Benefits of Cub Scout Promo Products
for Your Cub Scout Pack

Celebrate an Achievement

Promo products are great to pass out at Blue and Gold Banquets, Cub Scout graduation, or at your Pack’s Pinewood Derby. For your Cub Scouts, these events mark a great achievement in their lives. Not only do you make it special for them, the products you use will be seen by others and will help to raise awareness of your Cub Scout Pack’s activities in the community.

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2008 BSA quality licensee award
2007 BSA quality licensee award

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