$500 Grant Winner 2010 – Brown County 4-H

30th November, 2011

Brown County 4-H

Want to know what last year’s 4-H Grant winner did with their $500 ClassB® Community Improvement Grant?

The Brown County 4-H SET Club’s project was to place mile markers along 6 miles of the East River Trail System. In order to do this, they split into 6 teams and collected data along the trail using surveyor grade GPS units provided by MI-Tech Services, Inc. Each member of the group got a chance to collect the GPS data and record it for their assigned section of the trail. At each marker they would spray paint the distance on the road for post installation later. Now there are brand new mile marker posts located every 10th of a mile on the East River Trail.

They included this message of thanks in their project packet:

The 4-H members of the Brown Co. SET Club are so proud to have been a part of making the East River Trail safer for all the people who use it. We are thankful to Phil Paradies, Howard Herrild, MI_Tech Services, Incl, Brown Co. 911 System and especially, Judy Wolniakowski, our 4-H youth agent for making this opportunity possible.
Thank you to the ClassB® Improvement Foundation for selecting us as 2011 community improvement grant recipients. Our 4-H SET Club is so proud to have been a part of the Brown County Geospatial East River Trail 911 Project. Thank you again!

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