The Armed Forces Adventure Area – 2010 BSA Jamboree

2nd August, 2010

ClassB Artist, Rachel, who sent us this great story about Brownsea Island, also got the chance to visit the Armed Forces Adventure Area at the Jamboree.

According to Rachel, the U.S. military had a remarkably impressive exhibit area, where military personnel gave presentations and displayed some of their respective branch’s equipment. You could even challenge one of the soldiers to a push-up or sit-up competition (but Rachel respectfully declined).

Her favorite section was that of the National Guard, home of the BSA Patch Wall, which is actually two walls. The full US map was done in 2005 and had many of the patches we designed for the contingents. The second map they were currently putting together was being filled out as scouts came in with their patches to add to the wall for 2010.

patchboard1 patchboard2 patchwall3 patchwall4

“I took some pics of our home state of Florida and zeroed in on our closest council – our good friends from Gulf Ridge Council. I designed the Sheikra Busch Gardens patch for GRC. It was a cool thing to see some of my work represented on the wall from 5 years ago!”

After the patch wall, my favorite part of this exhibit was their incredibly cold tent AC during their presentation! After days in the heat, I’m sure the Scouts couldn’t get enough of it. The presentation, on the National Guard, was actually quite impressive and motivating.

The Coast Guard had a display area that was pretty neat as well. I stopped there to see an exhibit of some of their communications equipment. They also had thermal scopes you could look through which allow our soldiers to “see in the dark.” The quality of the thermal image was unbelievable.

Another interesting booth was about awareness of unexploded ordinance, well worth attending, since I have personally come across military rounds in the woods near my home and was not sure what to do with them. Now I know!

armedforces4 armedforces3

armedforces1 armedforces2

The U.S. Military is a formidable and awesome force to be reckoned with, and they put on a great exhibit this year at the Jamboree. I learned a TON about our Armed Forces and was very impressed by the entire area. I’m sure the boys loved it too.

Oh, and they were passing out free t-shirts, of course I couldn’t pass on one!

If you had the chance to visit the Armed Forces Adventure Area, let us know what you thought about it and leave a comment below.

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