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About ClassB

We are a full service screen printing, embroidery and advertising specialties company offering a wide range of promotional items to promote your organization.

We can assist your organization’s objectives with these quality programs:
Fundraising programs
Corporate Recognition programs
Premiums and Incentives Sales
Trade Show Programs
Safety Programs
Service Awards
Employee Recognition
Business and Donation Gifts
Sport Tournaments
Company Outings
Thank you programs
E-Commerce Services: online stores and fulfillment services

We help you find a cost effective way to promote your organization with custom products that speak to your members, customers and clients.

The ClassB Story

It began in a garage…

In 1982, Shirts & Caps was started by Terry Hilferding to provide screenprinted t-shirts to the Zephyrhills community. The first t-shirts she printed were for her son Eric’s Boy Scout patrol. From there, Shirts & Caps became a valued supplier for local businesses, schools, and clubs. We expanded from the garage into a strip mall location in 1985. In 1994, we moved to our location on 5th Ave. Growth beyond East Pasco was planned. We looked at branches, telemarketing, mail order and outside sales people. None of these were very successful. In 1997, we put up our first website, an image of our current flyer. We learned that ampersands aren’t allowed in website names, so we searched for another way to describe ourselves. We created a website for each subset of customers. ClassB was used for the scouting market due to its short easy to remember name. We also needed a name that would reflect more than shirts, since we offered patches and resources on the Scouting site. The other sites usually had tees or shirts in the name. In September 2010, we defined our focus on non-profit organizations and families in a letter announcing the combining of all of our websites into ClassB.com:

Terry and Robert Hilferding the company founders

When we started talking about this website consolidation, we realized that most of our customers share a couple things in common: You are volunteers in your community and you are active in your family. With this merger, we hope to do more to support the role you’re playing in strengthening your family, your community and our country. ClassB has the honor of making custom t-shirts for the best customers in America.

Our goal is to provide high quality decorated garments with a focus on the best artwork and processes. We take pride in always treating the customer in the same way we would like to be treated. Honestly and integrity is key at ClassB. All customers get the same deal. All prices and policies are public and posted on the web site. We exceed the expectations of the customer by delivering early and including special touches like signed thank you cards and other surprises with their order. We stand by our work outside the literal nature of a contract. To demonstrate this dedication, we post customer comments and levels of satisfaction on the home page of our web site for all to see. We never censor a negative comment. We know that decorated t-shirts are a luxury item that can be purchased at thousands of other companies. We want customers to choose us because they know we will stand by them.

In 2013, We moved to our current location in Tampa. The new location is almost three times larger. We have faster access to Fedex and UPS. The move will help us manage the huge amount of growth we have seen in the past two years. We would like to thank our customers and our co-workers for making this move possible.

We are Scouters!

As of 2014, We have 4 eagle scouts on staff. Six employees account for over 100 years of scouting experience! Our CEO, Eric Hilferding, is an Eagle Scout. He has attended many jamborees and NOAC’s as a scout and on staff. Eric spent many years on summer camp staff at Camp La’No-Che. One of Eric’s passions is supporting the Scouting program.

Eric Hilferding company CEO as a cub scout

If you want to read about a key moment in my scouting experience that defines how ClassB views products: I got a defective patch